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, Australia
i3 and Zsh setups of Brenton Horne (fuse809/fusion809)

Window-Manager Screenshots 3 comments

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Sep 22 2018
Rofl I have two accounts, didn't realize I was signed into this one. - Sep 22 2018
Your welcome, my thanks belongs to you for making it. It is quite pretty. Best I can do art-wise is use pieces of scientific software to make pictures that look pretty to me, but not to anyone else rofl. - Sep 22 2018

System Software 100 comments

by DFN2
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Nov 11 2019
I have another issue I've found with this otherwise great program. For some reason it opens in one's browser. I wanted to use OCS Store to access it as the "Install" button on AppImageHub only really works under OCS Store. Is this a deliberate feature of it (e.g. because there's some problem with using AppImageHub under it) or unintentional? - Sep 19 2018
This is a helpful app. I would like to request a couple of features, however.

Firstly, could you's add the ability to open links in new tabs to this program? Sometimes when I'm browsing this excellent site I like to open up a few different pages at a time and look at them later. Presently I can't as this program will only allow you to open up one entry (or page) at a time.

Secondly, could you add a "find" feature? Sort of like the find functionality of web browsers, which is usually opened when pressing the shortcut Ctrl-F or Ctrl-Shift-F. If you'd like an example, presently I'm reading this page and if I want to search for key terms, e.g. "tabs" or "find", like in the comments I have to do so manually. I can't be bothered looking through all the comments on this page to see if the features I'm requesting have been already requested as I would have to do so manually, which is tedious. If you added this functionality I wouldn't have much of an excuse not to check for such requests. - Aug 04 2018

Science 5 comments

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Dec 29 2019
Oops sorry, it was my browser that was the problem, I see the files in Chrome. - Jul 03 2018
Ah, you are aware there's no AppImage available from here to download? That is, there's no files listed under "Files". Makes this page fairly pointless. - Jul 03 2018
Drugs and Fractals

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Jun 29 2018
Thanks for the enthusiasm. I was thinking no one would appreciate this artwork but your comments gave me hope that some will. - Jun 19 2018
Linux Sucks

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Jul 29 2008
Poor taste - May 22 2018
Ubuntu Touch Plasma

Plasma Themes 6 comments

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Apr 03 2018
For a while it seemed fixed but I rebooted and it's there again. I also installed 0.4 and it's there. Here's a screenshot with 0.4: - Apr 04 2018
I like this theme but under KDE Plasma 5.12 on openSUSE Tumbleweed it's got this weird orange line right above the plasma panel that I think isn't meant to be there: If relevant my icon theme is Obsidian Aqua, Breeze cursor theme, fusion widget style (happened with Breeze too), Breezemite window decorations, Breeze GTK2 theme and Ant GTK3 theme. - Apr 01 2018
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Apr 02 2018
Linux Sucks

Wallpaper Other
by amritivas

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3   May 22 2018
Poor taste