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Rossana  Motta San Diego CA, United States of America
Edit With Kwrite Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by G0NZO 4 comments

correct, and you dont want it to be the default. You could, but its really not convenient. You configuration is reasonable.
Thats the point of this service menu. In order to open with kwrite files for which kwrite is NOT the default, instead of going in open with - and search in the list of all the application, you just left click on the file you want to open and select "open with kwrite" (that is the service menu entry).
Selecting open with - and search in the application list (or typing 'kwrite') is obviously another alternative, willl bring to the same result, just its a few seconds longer :) - Aug 30 2008
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters by almatic 69 comments

Very very nice, thank you!! :) - Oct 12 2007