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Adriana G. , Ireland

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Feb 19 2010
oh, sorry, misread last post.
My screensaver was built in

but all my screensavers are in
/usr/share/kde4/services/ScreenSavers, so I just copied it to that directory :) - Jul 28 2010
I had forgotten about it for awhile, but I tried again recently and got a "cmake: not found" error from ./configure instead.
So from a forum suggestion I searched for KDE devel packages through my "package manager" - this solved that issue, and then make and install worked just fine.
Great screen-saver!
Sorry can't help, but I'd say it's to do with some other package missing. - Jul 28 2010
I tried to run "make" from the build directory after ./configure.
I'm getting an error from here:

kglwatersaver4.cpp:71: error: variable ‘QPainter errPaint’ has initializer but incomplete type

any suggestions?
hope you can help! :) - Apr 09 2010