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Cabrera Israel
Uqbar (for theme contest)

Plasma Themes by angrymob 6 comments

Really simple and comfy!!

Nice work!
Keep it going!!!! =)

- Apr 09 2008
OLED Orange

Plasma Themes by jamboarder 5 comments

I like it!

- Apr 01 2008

Plasma Themes by AdrienV 67 comments

Not my #1.

I think "Spoons" is still keeping my #1

But this is my #2, nice job.

- Mar 31 2008

Dolphin Service Menus by ErenTurkay 5 comments

mmm.. no, not the app icon.

The whole theme that your konqueror(buttons) shows..

ex. the back, home, reload icons.. ??


thanks =)
- Jan 31 2007

Dolphin Service Menus by ErenTurkay 5 comments

Sorry but,

Where did you get that icon theme??

- Jan 26 2007
NOW it WOrKS!!

But after 3 reboots!

I didn't touch any file or anything.

But it's pretty weird that after some reboots it became working... :S


Thanks anyway for the RPM! - Feb 12 2005

I have just installed gtk-qt rpms for SuSE 9.2 buuuuuut, I dont know why gtk apps deny to switch to qt theme.. :(

For example I switched my Kde's apps theme to "plastiq" but Gtk dont change its the same boring gtk-default theme, Then I've tryied with ,NET, keramik, kde1, etc etc And no results...

I think that I might need to modify some line in some file.. dont you think so??

thanks - Feb 10 2005