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ian geiser West Chester, United States of America
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Nov 15 2008
i could remove the spellchecking by removing hunspell, but i would remove what i consider an important feature. there is an internal copy of hunspell though in case you dont want to include it. - Nov 17 2008
karmack for Gentoo Linux

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by Lenz
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Jul 21 2005
lol, yeah i think i called it kdoomload when i made the kde2 applet. i wonder if its still in cvs? - Jul 21 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

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Feb 17 2005
my desktop file editor now embeds into KDevelop and Konqi readonly mode. It should be in kde extragear for release sometime early next week. it really depends if i go hog wild on the service types.

you can currently edit service menus in a trival manner though. - Feb 03 2005
are you crazy? xml is so slow it and it gains us nothing. why pray tell would you use XML? the current parser is fast, and has almost 10 years to testing and use into it. if you thing xml will solve your problem, well then you have two problems. - Feb 03 2005