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jerimiah gentry

Groupware by voc 17 comments

First of all, thanks for the great software!

With Raki, I am able to browse my Pocket PC 2002. I've installed the syncekonnector using the package manager.

The process I have been following is like so:

I synce-serial-start

raki lights up and I get a connection. I am able to browse my pocket pc. Neat.

I choose configure pucker (name of my pocket pc)

I then try to check "appointments" and raki immediately crashes.

Before installing syncekonnector, it would tell me that the necessary plugin was not installed. What am I missing?

Thanks very much.

Also, I'm having trouble sifting through all the synceing options out there. What is the best and/or only option for syncing a windows CE device and kontact?

Thanks, Jerimiah - May 11 2006