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Greg Arndt
Simply Mepis Strength 3D

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Oct 03 2007
B+ = Very good - like the color & tone. Would prefer the bar at bottom to be slightly narrower, and perhaps fading into background vs a hard line boundary. I've downloaded it & will use. - Oct 05 2007

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Nov 07 2007
OK, I believe you're right, although I ran out of time to do the install. But I did the download by using "right-click". The file had a different extension, but upon looking at "properties" - it does show to be an rpm package (and it was about the right size compared to the deb download). When I get back home this evening, I'll do as you advise. Thanks for the help, . . . it's strange how the extension "rpm" will on rare occasion envoke Realplayer! I'd love to find out why, but for now, I'm ready to try your program and learn more about Linux. - Jul 25 2005
OK, I should have explained better. The problem is not being able to download the file because Suse thinks I'm getting a real-stream versus a rpm download. Other Suse users advise to right click and save as, or copy link and paste into kget. What may be happening is the file name is quite long, and maybe the very last letter (m) is not getting read. So - Suse thinks I'm getting a file with an extension of (rm) or real media. Anyway, that's a guess. A way to test would be to shorten the file name and see if it resolves issue. - Jul 24 2005
hello, it seems when downloading any KSystemLog rpm in Suse 9.3, the Realplayer streaming interface is called versus the download window for the rpm. I've navigated to the d/l directory but that file name for whatever reason invokes Realplayer in Suse (LOL. . .) Some kind of file association issue, any ideas? I checked with a couple other users of Suse 9.3, they had same issue. (I am checking with Suse forums re a fix, but thought you may be interested or have another alternative.) - Jul 23 2005
KOffice (KWord)

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Jun 10 2007
OK - Problem Solved - I found where to get the dictionary file. - Jul 12 2005
I noticed I incorrectly referred to KWord as Kwrite. My apologies, it was late. Still trying to use KWord if I can get spell check to work. Thanks. - Jul 11 2005
Just started using latest version of Kwrite on Suse 9.3 in KDE 3.4.b. DE. It seems like Spell Check doesn't have access to a dictionary. Doing spell check highlights every word in the document, and does not provide a replacement word. Is there some library file I still need? I used Yast official Suse mirror to d/l latest version some 3 weeks ago. Any tips? - Jul 10 2005

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Feb 13 2006
Wanted to try this as my wife used to play a lot of Sheepshead in Milwaukee WI. It's a well known game there. But YAST said I need - which is part of KDE base for 3.4??? Do I really need it? Where do I get it - nothing recognizable to this newbie after doing a google search. - Apr 06 2005

Ebook Software 17 comments

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Mar 17 2019
At first glance, i didn't think I would like this, but this application actually has more functionality than TuxCards or Knowit. I like the combo of tree heirarchy and definable fields. ALso like the export options (more than just text and html) And because it can be setup for Windows, it's useful at work and home. Nice job! Future enhancments that would improve this app further would be some text formatting and encryption. - Mar 26 2005