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GTK2 Themes 3 comments

Score 67.1%
Oct 08 2014
I wish this were gtk3 because I love the way it looks but I don't run xfce. Good upload, though. Did you originally make this? - Jul 18 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

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Score 81.7%
Mar 25 2018
I'm really liking the addition of green folders. Green is my favorite color, and it's sometimes a bit of a chore to find themes that don't go the brown or blue route. Anyway, thanks again!

Oh, and I noticed an app missing an icon: Bitwig Studio. Not sure if you want to incorporate these kinds of apps yet, but if you ever get the time and desire, it seems like a simple enough logo. By no means do you have to add it, just leaving it as a suggestion. - May 17 2014
I registered this account just to tell you that I absolutely love this icon theme. I've gone through all of the major ones recently, like Moka and Nitrux, but none of them held my attention very long. Thank you for making the dark fallback version; now I can use dark gtk themes instead of bleedingly bright white ones. Keep up the good work! - May 01 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

Score 81.7%
May 20 2014

GTK3 Themes
by horst3180

Score 76.3%
9   Aug 17 2014
Score 67.1%
9   Jul 18 2014
Ambiance MOD

GTK3 Themes
by on3xyzZ

Score 73.1%
9   Jul 11 2014

GTK3 Themes
by BBOSAK2143

Score 53.6%
3   Jul 01 2014
Zen suite GTK2/3

GTK2 Themes
by cedl38

Score 79.7%
9   Jun 15 2014
Score 45.6%
3   May 26 2014

by tnaker

Score 78.4%
9   May 23 2014
Score 75.3%
9   May 18 2014

GTK3 Themes
by BBOSAK2143

Score 62.0%
3   May 09 2014
Numix Bluish

GTK3 Themes
by Boskic

Score 65.6%
9   May 07 2014
Evolvere Icon theme

Full Icon Themes
by franksouza183

Score 81.7%
9   May 01 2014