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Gary Ingram , United States of America
GIMP KDE Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by GIGrafx 2 comments

You're Welcome! I am just glad that 'someone' will get some good use of it.

Makes my effort worth while! Thank you for the comment / compliment.
- Jul 16 2008
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 127 comments

This is one VERY nice set of icons, to say the least. I've installed them on both of my drives (openSUSE & Mandriva).

Thank You! - Jun 29 2008
Sweet Darkness

KDE 3.5 Themes by DarkNon 8 comments

I guess the address bar's font is too dark in Konqueror also... Just thought I'd say something, as I'm certain someone else will also.
It's still a nice theme though! - Jun 05 2008
Sweet Darkness

KDE 3.5 Themes by DarkNon 8 comments

...and I like it! The only difference is that I chose the Vista buttons. I don't particularly like anything to do with M$, but I do like the buttons.
Alright, enough about that. Anyhow, I do like your theme. I tend to use 'dark' themes myself. The first thing I did was opened up Konqueror to check for adverse color scheme problems. Things were alright there...
Then I opened Kate... Other than the text color in Kate being too dark to really see well, this theme of yours is alright. I just set the text color to match the other. Some people just see it as being too much trouble if they have to change the font color is all.
I've now got another cool dark theme. Thanx! - Jun 05 2008
Ultra pack - 220 color schemes

KDE 3 Color Schemes by dax918 87 comments

It's more to the point of what I was trying to state... That there are no 'cross the board standards'. With so many different customization routines, and none following the same methods of assigning functions, you would have to be a scripting wizard (as well as an artist) to get things to correctly fall into place. It would be nice if things had not gotten so complicated, however, at the present state, trying to design things now is like you have to anticipate more than one shell functioning at the same time. (Does that make sense?) I agree with your thoughts concerning these matters. I still will not go back to Win32 though. ;) It is frustrating though... - Jun 02 2008
Ultra pack - 220 color schemes

KDE 3 Color Schemes by dax918 87 comments

Though I'd never posted it before, I have enjoyed the use of your color schemes. Quite an effort to have such a bundle, though understandably difficult with mods going in so many directions lately.

It is one thing to keep up with technology (on one level), but when so many separate mods and engines are to be worked with (such as considerations for these color schemes) things can be no less than impossible to follow.

Guess all that's left is to take the chance, now, to 'Thank You' for sharing. - Jun 02 2008
Azenis Custom Color Theme

KDE 3 Color Schemes by Smokematic 9 comments

Konqueror's menu 'Settings', in the drop down the listing shows as 'Configure Konqueror'. A dialog will open and you choose the second option (Appearance). From there you can choose the font color you want used in Konqueror. Hope that helps... - Jun 01 2008
7zip pack/unpack with dialog

Krusader User Actions by vaclavj 1 comment

This was not a bad idea for an addition to an already feature-packed app. Though I'd always used the two (Krusader & P7-Zip), I had never thought of the use of this UserAction addition. Nice Goin'! - May 28 2008

Utilities by KDEApp 25 comments

You may wish to add the option to permit the MP3s to remain in MP3 format (instead of converting to wav for burning) as there are allot of CD players that support MP3 play now days... - Feb 08 2005

Utilities by KDEApp 25 comments

I've been seeking an app to handle burning MP3 CDs... one without the unneccesary functions for the purpose. K3B is a great CD/DVD burning app, but isn't the best for MP3 archiving because of the unrelated functions.
I am running Mandrake10.1 and had no probs in compiling... except I would like to offer a couple of ideas...
1- That you place within the configure file a search for '', as it was not detected as missing until going through 'make'.
2- That you configure the placement of a 'sym-link' in the /usr/bin folder as part of the 'install'.
Other than this, GREAT JOB! - Feb 08 2005
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps by amantia 72 comments

First off... I'd like to thank those responsible for this editor's development! Thanx!
Second, I have installed this 'over' my installed version that came with the downloadable Mandrake10-Official and all has gone fine... so far. Yes, VPL editing is slow... but it works! That's about all there is to be said.
Let those who make vain insults on this fine app just go ahead and 'buy' thier editors. Myself, I don't need anything really faster.
If ya want a bit more speed to your editing, just sellect a split-view of VPL and source... doing all the actual 'editing' in the source window, using the VPL as a place to click and get the sellected VPL to sellect in the source window... a 'finder' of sorts. For the 'couple of characters' editing, VPL is fine by itself.
Again, great work on this fine editor! - Jul 31 2004