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Giulio Camuffo Belluno, Italy
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Utilities 10 comments

by Seli
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Oct 03 2011
all my respect for your work, but if you feel that krunner is unusable due to its bugs why don't you try to work on them instead of writing a totally new piece of code which has much less capability? - Jun 28 2010
Grouping Desktop

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Jul 24 2010
That was a known problem, i discovered it little after the release of the rc1 here. Anyway it is already fixed on svn :) - Jun 27 2010
great! anyway if you're waiting for ideas, you already had one: the tabbed group! it shouldn't be too difficult. you see, it took me 2 days to do the stacking group!
if you have some free time and you want to do it, maybe you could drop on irc, in #plasma. i'm often there.

Ciao! - Jun 19 2010
Well, i've already thought of doing it, it's only a matter of time. currently i'm focusing on bug fixing (the svn version is already more stable then the one here), and i would like to restart the work on the panel containment.
From your last line it seems you are a developer and you tried to code a thing like this. Am i right? If so you're really welcome to contribute! :-) - Jun 18 2010
maybe you'll be happy to know i'm doing a StackingGroup :).
It is on the KDE svn, and it isn't yet finished. Anyway the major things are there and it works. And i started it this morning :) - Jun 16 2010
well, with this you can make a sort of panel free to move, but it won't stay over the windows or auto-hide or things like that. - Jun 16 2010
well, i'm not sure what you mean with taskbar. if you want a box containing other plasmoids, then yes. add a group, drop your applets in it and move it where you want. - Jun 16 2010
yes, i think it could be possible. a group could layout the applets in that way and bring on the front the applet you want when you want.
anyway i'm sorry but you must wait a bit. i just started the panel containment and i think it will take a bit. - Dec 12 2009
i don't think i've completely understood what you mean: you mean that the plasmoids parially cover each other and clicking on one of them you bring it to the top?
anyway, pretty much all the ways to arrange them could be done from a technical point of view. - Dec 12 2009
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
almost all the distros i tried that use kde sc 4.x use .kde4, so you should add it. anyway maybe you could use "kde4-config --localprefix" to get the prefix to use. - Jun 04 2010

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Jan 13 2010
that package wasn't done by me, but by a user. maybe if you search you can find a ppa with the latest version, but anyway it won't work either. - May 10 2010
qt 4.6 introduced a change in its dbus module that caused playwolf to not work. to make it work it would require a bit of work and currently i'm busy with other things. so i'm sorry but you'll have to live without it for a bit :) - May 10 2010
well, it's a long time i don't try the now playing plasmoid so i don't know what it does now. but i don't think it shows the lyrics and the ratings nor it allows to open amarok with a click.
anyway sinced qt 4.6 playwolf has some big problems that aren't so easy to solve. - Mar 15 2010
actually i forgot to update the version number in the .desktop file, so it says 0.7.2 even if it is 0.8.x. you can check if it is the new version seeing if there is the lyrics extender.

Anyway i saw the bug you encounter isn't solved as i thought, and it seems it isn't so easy to fix. as a workaround if you open the extender it will immediately fill the information. - Feb 21 2010
thankyou for your patch and your suggestions. i'll release soon a new version with the changes. - Feb 14 2010
the version of playwolf in kdemod' repo is 0.7.2. that bug is fixed in a newer version. you must compile it or wait to the package to be updated. - Feb 14 2010
i can't understand... from that backtrace it seems playwolf is somehow mis-using the extenders. but the fact i can't reproduce the crash and that you're the only one reporting this makes me think there is a problem with opensuse packaging or your configuration. can you try to remove your plasma-desktop-appletsrc and see if it still crashes?
the fact you must remove and re-add it in order to make it show the informations is caused by the old version. you must compile it from sources or wait to opensuse to update the package to fix it. - Feb 14 2010
that's really strange... playwolf doesn't appear in that backtrace, are you sure it is playwolf which causes the crash? anyway the second line says "... ?? () from /usr/lib/". it seems you're missing some debug package. it would be useful if you could resolve that. - Feb 10 2010
that message is only a warning and it isn't a problem at all.
could you post a backtrace when plasma crashes? - Feb 07 2010
it seems that method, Plasma::TextEdit::setReadOnly() exists since kde 4.4. didn't know that. Anyway you can fix it changing line 27 of lyricswidget.cpp with 'static_cast<KTextEdit *>(widget)->setReadOnly(true);' and adding on the top the line '#include <ktextedit.h>'. That way it should compile. - Jan 13 2010
it seems to be an amarok bug that causes this. i've reported it in the kde bug tracker: - Jan 12 2010
it's not that. reboot your pc and it won't work again :).
the problem is that if plasma is started before amarok then dbus won't deliver the messages. don't know why before didn't happen, maybe something changed in QtDbus between 4.5 and 4.6.
Anyway i'm working on it. - Jan 10 2010
you're right, for some reason i said it to keep the aspect ratio. anyway you can change it if you press ctrl while you resize it. - Dec 20 2009
i'm not sure what you mean... i mean, if you have it in an horizontal panel i don't think it makes sense to resize its height. The same thing for a vertical panel. If you use it in the desktop instead you can resize it freely as you resize any other plasmoid. - Dec 20 2009

-i don't know if i've understood what you mean; you can collapse the extenders as you collapse the notifications.

-as for choosing what to add, many asked me about this, but i didn't do that yet because of the complexity, and i didn't want to provide 1000 checkboxes in the configuration dialog. but i have an idea: since i'm now developing a desktop and a panel with the support for grouping applets
(, when they'll be ready i could make for each component of playwolf an applet so you could put inside a group what you want how you want. it would be possible to configure the popup too. - Dec 17 2009

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Jun 17 2010
well, currently i'm busy with other things so i'm not working on it.
anyway it should work with the latest kde release. - May 10 2010
it's not possible to make it work properly with 4.3. it would need some work on the insides of plasma or maybe some ugly hack in my code, but i don't think i will do that, even because i don't know how it could be done :P - Sep 29 2009
i don't know that.
currently i'm not developing this, but when i'll have some time it could be - Sep 29 2009
you define them yourself when you add new plasmoids. if you have put a plasmoid into it and want to put another in another column you drag it on the left or on the right of the first plasmoid, otherwise you drag it on the top or the bottom. - Sep 26 2009
cornice was a temporary name. i forgot to change that in the .desktop file - Sep 26 2009
Device Manager

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Sep 01 2009
i don't know what you're talking about, sorry :)
the plasmoid doesn't care about low level things. it is all up to the libraries. i think you should look at solid. - Feb 07 2010
could it be that you use automount and you have encrypted volumes? - Nov 27 2009
it's difficult to say what it could be without other information. could you please start plasma-desktop in the console, then add the device manager and post the output here or on a pastebin? - Nov 27 2009
i mean, the text color is taken from the theme, so it is a theme problem if it doesn't provide a good color - Oct 09 2009
well, no :) i stopped development of this, because i'm working directly in the device notifier in kdebase and in 4.4 it will be much different. see for info - Oct 08 2009
that's fault of the oxygen plasma theme, i'm sorry, i can do anything about it - Oct 08 2009
i don't think you're using oxygen as qt style, isn't it? the capacity bar is drawn by that, and behind it it's painted the text.
i thought i made it hide when there's the capacity bar, but it seems i forgot to do it. - Oct 08 2009
cool! :D - Sep 29 2009
did you try to remove the file .kde4/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc?

could you describe me your plasma and system configuration? if i can't reproduce the bug it'll be very difficult to solve it. - Sep 27 2009
mmhh... strange. well, i'll see what i can do :)

and if you use the plain official device notifier it works, right? - Sep 26 2009
sorry, i've been quite busy and i didn't see your comment.

if you launch plasma or plasmoidviewer with this plasmoid from the terminal do you see lots of messages coming on?

p.s. make sure the options in kdebugdialog are enabled - Sep 26 2009

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

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Mar 04 2012
Hi, cool idea.
Is it possible to make it triggerable moving the mouse on a screen edge? - Dec 23 2009

Plasma Themes 10 comments

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Dec 12 2009
Hi, i can't install this theme using the add theme dialog. i get an error that says it can't install it. - Dec 01 2009

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Dec 24 2010
you need to install the devel libraries of kde. depending on the distro it could be kdelibs-dev or something like that. - Nov 23 2009

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Jul 14 2012
my containment? do you mean the container applet you can find here on kde-look? if it is that be careful that it is a bit an hack, so it's not sure it will always work.
anyway, obviously it's ok for me ;) - Oct 26 2009
p.s. i'm talking about the linear dock mode. - Oct 23 2009
This is really a good applet, but in my opinion you' ve taken the wrong approach. you had to make a containment rather than an applet, so this could embed other applets inside it, like simply kickoff, that now you work-arounded with dolphin and applications:/, or stask instead of developing a new task manager plugin - Oct 23 2009

Plasma Themes 30 comments

by Kame2
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Sep 11 2011
thanks! - Sep 26 2009
i installed it from the desktop settings, kde 4.3.1 and trunk - Sep 26 2009
This is the best theme i've seen so far! Great work!

There's only one thing: the plasmoids in the desktop have the oxygen's black background, and not the one i see in your screenshots - Sep 26 2009
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Jan 28 2015

Plasma Themes
by Saleel

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Dec 19 2010

Plasma Themes
by TheRob

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Jan 05 2010

Plasma Themes
by Kame2

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Sep 26 2009
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Sep 03 2009
Fluffy Bunny

Plasma Themes
by kaboon

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Apr 01 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets
by Podstavsky

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Feb 15 2009
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9   Jan 28 2015

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by ipad

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9   Jan 23 2011
Ambiance plasma

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by Scnd101

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9   Jan 03 2011
Activity Manager Plasmoid

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by aavci

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9   Dec 17 2010
Light Black

Plasma Themes
by Okanda

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9   Dec 10 2010

by Scnd101

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9   Oct 31 2010
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9   Oct 20 2010
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9   Sep 23 2010
The beauty of Winter

Wallpaper Other
by Orladin

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9   Sep 22 2010