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Giulio Camuffo Belluno, Italy
Plasma 4 Widgets

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Jan 13 2010
you're right, the 'how to' button disappeared.
cd playwolf
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ../
sudo (or su -c) make install

i'll add a INSTALL file in the next release - Apr 16 2009
it is a known bug.
here it happens sice i installed qt 4.5, but i can't understand why.
i hope i'll find the way - Apr 10 2009
to show amarok playwolf calls its dbus method that is designed to do that. so it is an amarok bug rather than one of playwolf - Mar 27 2009
i meant both from a developer and a user point of view.
thank you for your suggestions.

for the stop button, it isn't possible because i didn't add the option in the dialog, but you could remove it by modifing the code and recompiling it. - Mar 08 2009
currently it isn't possible.
anyway i'm thinking on how to make an easy way to add, remove and move the various elements of playwolf.
if you have a good idea, please let me know. - Mar 08 2009
thank you for reporting. i'm not english, so if you see other inaccuracies like that, tell me. - Mar 08 2009
do you have 0.7.1? starting from that release this bug should be gone, and in fact on my pc plasma doesn't freeze anymore - Mar 08 2009
unfortunately currently it isn't possible, but i'll add this feature as soon it is possible - Mar 01 2009
well, i use it in a panel, i developed specifically because the nowplaying plasmoid doesn't show anything in a panel. i think it is quite usable, even if it is not the state of art.
1. currently it chooses the number of rows depending on the panel height. it uses the available space in an intelligent way. it wouldn't make sense to make it possible to use 4 rows in a panel 10 pixels thin. it will rearrange the items in a single row.
2. this could be done quite easily
3. the problem of scrolling is that it is quite heavy for the cpu. if you monitor the plasma process you'll see that if amarok is playing a song with big tags the cpu usage will be quite high. and i set 200 ms as update time, and in fact it isn't so smooth. apart from that, maybe i'll add it, but not so soon. you mean little buttons that co-exists with te infos?
5. ok :-)
6. well, when in a panel it is very thin, but it could be done.
7. i'll see what i can do, but i'd prefer to maintai the code quite simple avoiding an unuseful blob of options. - Feb 20 2009
well, you just have to click on it. isn't it opened? - Feb 19 2009
thank you for your support! - Feb 18 2009
sorry, but i really don't know what to think. i don't have this problem, and, since noone other has written about this, i'd think this is a problem regarding your pc, maybe some packaging problems.
have you tried to remove your .kde folder? - Feb 18 2009
are the other plasmoids slow too?
try to monitor the CPU usage of plasma during the use of playwolf. - Feb 17 2009
i don't use ubuntu. ask on the ubuntu forums.
sorry for not being helpful. - Feb 17 2009
sounds like amarok or dbus is very slow.
if you call qdbus org.kde.amarok /Player GetMetadata in the terminal, does it hang? - Feb 15 2009
-that's strange. it should display the generic cover, which it does here on my pc. does it happen always or sometimes only? verify if the arturl field is really empty calling qdbus org.kde.amarok /Player GetMetadata on a terminal, please.

-well, you don't have to open it if you find it unuseful ;-) . moreover you can drag the elements of the dialog and use them as standalone plasmoids in order to have other informations always showed, and i think this could be quite useful.

for the playlist, it is quite a problem, because if you have many items in it, get all of them via dbus is quite slow and this could make plasma hang for a while. i was thinking of displaying 4-5 songs that come after the one that's playing.

for the stop after this song, it isn't possible for now. i have to face the big limits of the dbus api of amarok, and i'm quite frustrated with it right now.

Thank you for using PlayWolf, anyway! - Feb 15 2009
thank you for your help! This is much better!
and if you notice other issues, please tell me. - Feb 10 2009

you'll find the space in the next version. i didn't notice it before, but you're right.

for the mouse wheel i have to see how to combine your request with the groo's one, in order not to add 1000 checkboxes in the configuration dialog. - Feb 09 2009

1) this is quite a problem because amarok doens't provide a dbus method to do that. I'm trying to workaround, though.

2)i'll see what i can do ;)

3)it could be intresting to add theme support, but what do you think a theme should customize? - Feb 09 2009
yes, i know it, and i have already fixed it in the development version. you'll find it in 0.7 - Feb 04 2009
that's quite easy to do. i think you'll find int in 0.7. - Feb 03 2009
the problem is that this seems to happen in opensuse only.
in the cmakelists.txt it is written all that is needed in order to compile.
there must be something wrong with opensuse.
however, is the cmake output all clean or are there some warnings? could you post it here? - Feb 02 2009
either you and minatolf have opensuse 11, so i would think this is a packaging problem. - Feb 01 2009
after you've installed nepomuk try to remove the build directory and start the build process from scratch - Jan 31 2009
starting from 0.6 it needs nepomuk because nepomuk provides KRatingPainter which i use to draw the stars.
since the compilation stops on KRatingPainter i thought about it.
if it isn't that i don't know what to think. i still can't fully understand how the linking works.
anyway if i find a solution i'll fastly tell you about. - Jan 31 2009
> There is already an option to toggle cover.

o_o you're right! i don't even remember what i do! -.- - Jan 31 2009
it seems like you don't have nepomuk, but cmake should alert you in the case.
check if you really have it, please - Jan 31 2009
do you mean the cover too or the text only? - Jan 30 2009
you seem to don't have the headers to compile it. did you install the dev packages? - Jan 30 2009
you'd like to have the cover hidden too? - Jan 30 2009
thank you! i'm happy to do something useful for the community :D - Jan 29 2009
try running kbuildsyscoca4 and then restart plasma.
if it still doesn't show check if exists the file
`kde4-config --prefix`/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-playwolf.desktop - Jan 29 2009
Fixed. I uploaded a new tarball. - Jan 23 2009
At the moment I really don't know how to add theme support, but if it could be useful I'll see to learn it :)
btw, what do you think a theme should customize? - Jan 22 2009
i made a packaging mistake. download the new tarball i created. - Jan 22 2009
eh, i'd like so much to have the lyrics, but for now we must wait because amarok doesn't provide them trough dbus.
but i'm going to open a wishlist on about this. - Jan 21 2009
i still can't see your point: when you select "resize fonts" you can set the minimum font, not the maximum. you set the minimum font that is acceptable for reading; if the string still doesn't fit in the available space it'll start scrolling.
would you like to have an option to set the default font size, so you can have a font size different from the one set in systemsettings? - Jan 17 2009
i'll see what i can do, but what do you mean whan you say "max font"? there is already a max font, that is set in systemsettings. - Jan 16 2009
ok, so:

1) the size is not hardcoded, but I set a maximum height, so it should narrow itself when the size of the plasmoid is little. i'll investigate on this.

2)try pressing ctrl when you resize the plasmoid, it should allow you to change ratio. do you think anyway that i should change the default ratio? - Jan 16 2009
you're right, my fault.
anyway, i solved it and i think tomorrow i'll release 0.4.1 - Jan 15 2009
thanks to you and all who package this little plasmoid! - Jan 14 2009
can you post the url as you see it in a file manager without all that %20 and things like that? - Jan 01 2009
that's strange.
can you post here the arturl returned by qdbus? - Jan 01 2009
i opened a bug on, though, and they already fixed this issue, so with the new release you'll see the covers even form lastfm! - Dec 26 2008
i now this. when you're listening to lastfm amarok displays the right cover, but it doesn't export it via d-bus, so i can't really do anything about it, except for opening a bug report, thing that i'll do when i'll find the time.
Sorry! - Dec 24 2008
:D I didn't expect to find you here!
Thanks for using Playwolf! - Dec 24 2008
that's very strange! it should open amarok when it's closed with the play-pause button and, starting from 0.3.2, with the show amarok one. I'll investigate further,anyway. - Dec 24 2008
are you sure you're using a version > 0.3?
if yes please post the backtrace here or better, without messing here, send me a message. - Dec 23 2008
It actually should show the cover as height as the taskbar, as you can see in the screenshot here. It could be that a plasma theme applies a big margin on the top of the panel, but it'll will be applied to the taskbar too, so they will be equally height.

The minimum size is actually a minimum size :p, so if they have space the labels will set their font as big as the font set, i think, in the font section of systemsettings.
But if the string is too big the label will make its font not littler than the one set in the config, and than it'll start to scroll.
Do you think that it's difficult to understand what does that option without further explanation?
- Dec 23 2008
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Jul 16 2012
The're absolutely beautiful!! Great work!

I can't wait for a first set of them! - Feb 16 2009
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