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Giuseppe Benigno Pisa, Italy
Dolphin Service Menus
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

Dolphin Service Menus 100 comments

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Apr 22 2018
Hi johnny007,
which version of the service menu do you use?

Giuseppe Benigno - Apr 17 2020
Hi LanceHaverkamp,
thanks for the great suggestion.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Jan 24 2019
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

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Apr 13 2019
My email address is inside the header of every file in my services menu.
I can't write it here because I want to avoid spam.

GB - Mar 13 2020
Hi BergoglioCristiano,
can you email them to me? - Mar 13 2020
Hi BergoglioCristiano,
sure, send me the file and I check it.

Giuseppe - Mar 09 2020
If it no longer works without changing this service menu, then the problem is in some updating of the software used or in the files you are trying to convert. If you send me one of the files that gives you an error, I can try to understand where the problem is. If desired, I could also make more detailed the messages displayed in case of error.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Feb 27 2020
Hi Cherkah,
1) Could you explain better? (byte, WxH, font size ...)
2) Sure. I write it in "to do" list :-)
3a) The servicemenus, are activated based on the extension of the file so it would be necessary to create a servicemenu for each source extension. I could do it but it doesn't seem very useful since libreoffice already has single / batch export.
3b) Unfortunately I don't know a terminal software that decently converts a pdf into other formats. If you have suggestions, don't hesitate to write.

Thank you
Giuseppe Benigno - Oct 20 2019
Salve BergoglioCristiano,
grazie per il fix, correggo immediatamente.

Cordiali saluti
Giuseppe Benigno - Feb 19 2019
you are welcome.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Jun 01 2018
KDE 5 Service Menu ReImage

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Apr 30 2019
Hi Cherkah, sure :-)
Any additional features are welcome.

Thanks - Oct 07 2019
Many thanks.
If anyone wants to package it in KDE, I'd love to :-) - Oct 07 2019
Thank you - Oct 07 2019
Thanks a lot - Sep 15 2019
Thank you very much! :-) - Sep 15 2019
you can convert every single picture into pdf and then, through this other service menu KDE 5 Service Menu PDF, you can merge all the individual pdf files into one.

Giuseppe Benigno - Apr 30 2019
The script does not specify quality parameters so the default Imagemagick will be used.
For more information, please see the Imagemagick document.

Thank you
GB - Feb 14 2019
Hi Bolonia,
yes, I'm already working to add the webp format.
In the meantime, conversion is possible by installing the webp package and specifying the "webp" format in the custom conversion field.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Feb 13 2019
Hi arielaxionl,
thank you. - Jan 04 2019
Hi LionBit,
I'm sorry but I do not take care of the AUR packages. I provide sources and packages for debian based distros. I think you should contact the AUR repository manager.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Nov 16 2018
thank you :-) - May 14 2018
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

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Feb 12 2019
Hi emelenas,
thanks for the tips. I will try to correct the scripts as soon as possible :-)

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Oct 11 2018
Maybe there are some problems in ... I can't view any comments/score etc ...
I can't respond to user g99 and prtelecom, thank you very much. - Jun 26 2018
What do you mean by "Vault plasmoid"?

Yes you are right.
I simplified "mount, unmount, crypt" with a single command and it would be perfect for the options to be in a single window. :-)

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Jun 21 2018
Unfortunately, with kdialog, I do not know how to display multiple controls in a single window.

My regards
Giuseppe Benigno - Jun 21 2018
g99, Thank you :-) - Jun 21 2018
Copy path

Dolphin Service Menus
by rccavalcanti

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May 14 2018
Kup Backup System

System Software
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May 04 2018
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus
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Apr 25 2018
7zG service menu

Dolphin Service Menus
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Apr 23 2018