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andrej kominek Brovary, Ukraine

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Jan 08 2013
Well I just have to wait, as a developer, I can not help you (not enough knowledge and experience). I hope this does not last long.))))) - Oct 10 2011
I was very glad to find you made ​​a theme: it provides ample opportunities in the design. That just, might you know, it works fine only with the programs of the package KDE, and software such as: LibreOffice, Rhythmbox - not picked up. True, not all "third party" program resisted the new trends, for example VLC, worked well with the new theme perfectly. Surprised me with just the shell, which reissued only by half. With great pleasure to help in testing, accomplish your goal for all items that I found in use. - Oct 07 2011
Score 81.0%
9   Oct 07 2011