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Developers Apps by unclewerner 17 comments

Umbrello is more useful that your application, isn't ? - Oct 26 2005

Utilities by gyunaev 103 comments

It's a good idea if you create a kio-slave for read chm files in konqueror ;) - Jun 08 2005

Audio Apps by posthuman 5 comments

a good idea is maybe a kio-slave for this if this product don't support usb-storage ? a kio-slave permits to use this in konqueror and many kde applications. - Mar 08 2005

System Software by dion 21 comments

Very good idea, a librairy for this permits others projects to support this (for example a Gnome application)
Maybe you write your library without QT dependencies, to facilitates the reuse with other projects. - Mar 03 2005

System Software by dion 21 comments

why don't you develop a kio-slave for konqueror ? it's most pratic for a kde user. - Mar 03 2005