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Timo Stöckigt
Popsicle X11 Mouse theme

Cursors by an10ae 7 comments

I think the arrows are to large for their added symbols (earth etc.)

Either you make the add-ons bigger or your arrows smaller.

GrandT - Mar 08 2005
My nice screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Dex 3 comments

You can really work with this layout? ;-)

GrandT - Jul 28 2004

Utilities by Seli 10 comments

Hmmm, doesn't work this already?

When I run gaim or gnomemeeting there are systray-symbols in my KDE-tray... - Feb 10 2004

Video Apps by maldn 139 comments

AFAIK there is a flag for ./configure to provide it with extra-includes. I can't prove it because here I have to work with TheOtherOS. - Feb 10 2004

Utilities by jalal 8 comments

At first krefty is great!

But it would be cool to have some improvements:

printing support; I want to print out a sheet and pin it next to my monitor
preferences for fonts; I need bigger fonts because I barely can read some things in the sheets (e.g. the summary)

GrandT - Feb 08 2004

System Software by roelofsen 4 comments

Your program is really nice but it consumes a lot of resources, doesn't it?

When I compile my system runs already at around 95-100 %. That's fine because I can work with no problems.

But when kcube runs the desktop is stucky.

When you can resolve this, kcube is a great eye-candy system monitor.

GrandT - Feb 08 2004