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Wayne  Sloan , United States of America
Flame / Twin Peaks Saver

Screensavers by cronel 13 comments

I really wanted this screensaver. But when I click on the download button, I get some wierd error message that has some wild crap about Microsoft and a 404 message.

Hmm... Maybe this is some kind of dark joke that only a linux user would appreciate? - Nov 08 2007

Wallpaper Other by helllinux 2 comments

Look Honey!...
Somebody done took another indecent picture of a nice young girl and is spreading it all over the internet. - Nov 08 2007
debian streetart

Wallpapers Debian by gnokii 1 comment

Kinda puts my mind to the dirty part of downtown. - Oct 11 2007
Red Turk's Caps in Dallas, Texas

Wallpaper Other by GruSum 1 comment

I Like It. But I'm from Arkansas. I'm easy to please.
It is a good pic though, no doubt. Decorates my desktop quite nicely. - Oct 11 2007

Wallpaper Other by pawpaw67 3 comments

Didn't I see that house on an episode of X-Files? Wasn't there a couple of inbred brothers living there with their mother under the bed on a creeper for easy access? - Oct 11 2007