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Aug 23 2007
You shouldn't need to run wpa_supplicant [the actual service itself] on startup while using kwlan.
KWlan runs [as i understand it] it runs its "own version of wpa_supplicant" and having the two running causes dramas. Its either that or it starts wpa_supplicant itsself using its own config files [kwlan.eth0 etc]rather than the standard wpa_supplicant.conf...
So best to turn off wpa supplicant and stop it from starting up on startup in the services.
Also yeah, i think there is a "r" missing in that startup command. can you correct it? - Jul 22 2007
Check your wpa_supplicant.conf or kwlan.eth* for missing characters, bad spelling etc... Ive found that that is what causes that error for me.... especially after manually changing the file, I sometimes forget to leave a "}" or "{" somewhere....
hope that helps.
Craig - Jul 16 2007