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Hyacinthe Cartiaux
Breeze-Thin (Darker)

Yakuake Skins 8 comments

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Mar 11 2018
Thank you for your quick response, that's perfect. I maintain the package on AUR for archlinux: - Oct 08 2018
+ - Oct 08 2018
Hi, it looks like download links on are not really predictable, which makes your yakuake skin hard to package.
Could you please update your github repository and tag a release ?

Thank you - Oct 08 2018
KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus 24 comments

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Apr 25 2018
There's a patch in the Archlinux package to correct errors in the French translation (version 0.5). ;)

It's in the source package tarball - Jan 25 2012
I can't wait to update arch package with 0.4.1 !
Thanks for your work ;) - Jan 11 2012
Thanks for your great servicemenu ;)
I've made a patch to add French support, and edit one condition to fix a bug on Archlinux (there is no fuse group).

The package for Archlinux is here :

The patch is here : - Aug 19 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
I've made a French translation (and tested it under archlinux / kde 4.7.1), can you add it in your source tarball please ?

You can download it here : - Oct 05 2011
Flux / Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 38 comments

by diegc
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Aug 23 2011
I don't know Python, but I have the "defunct process" problem with kde 4.7 and redshift.

I have read your code, you want to use os.waitpid and os.kill, but these methods are directly supported by the class Popen.
If you only use your Popen object, I think it would be simpler, you can use the following methods from Popen :
* send_signal to send a SIGUSR (toggle on and off redshift)
* poll, to get the returncode and know if the process is running or not
* wait
* kill (SIGKILL signal), and terminate (SIGTERM)

I've made some tests using methods from Popen, and your plasmoid do not produce defunct processes. ;)
But it requires to update the code of checkstatus and updatestatus, and I don't have enough time for that. - Aug 20 2011
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Oct 08 2018
Score 63.3%
9   Oct 08 2018
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by CraigD

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9   Oct 05 2011