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Apr 18 2013
Thank you form the rpm, thidney. The link could not be changed from my side. At least the link never changes and is always stable:-)

Kind regards, Heinz - Jan 03 2009
just to inform you: one of the affected zhu-users sent a bug-report to novell. you can find it, the following discussion and a bug-acceptance under:

i am still not shure, whether novell or trolltech is the "bad guy" to blame. but it seems quite obvious, that zhu-code is not involved.

kind regards, heinz - Mar 13 2008
at the moment i am quite sure it's not a zhu-problem. a few days ago a user reported this strange stuff too. we tracked this down with virtually the same configurations, but one difference: mine worked, his not.

then i remembered, that i had similar nvidia troubles in october, until i updated manually. this worked for him too.

really strange is, that the opengl-stuff seems to work. until you compile by yourself. in at least 2 certified cases this happend for the qt4 hellogl-example too.

have a look at install.txt. there you will find a cross-table of tested and proved configurations.

kind regards, heinz - Mar 12 2008
nvidia+drivers from the repo? for good reasons i added the following hint to the latest readme:

openSUSE 10.3 seems to fail with NVIDIA-drivers from the repository. Just install the driver manually instead, what fixes the quirks.

hope this helps, heinz - Mar 12 2008
Do the OpenGL-examples from Qt 4.3.3 work or can you re-compile them? Then you have a valid install.

Maybe it is the best, you email me your makefile produced by qmake. - Dec 13 2007
Hello Michael,

64-Bit is definitly not the reason and the make command looks quite healthy. I guess, it is the Qt-designer, where Trolltech has built in some new functions depending on Qt 4.3.

With other words: updating to a newer Qt should quite likely solve the problem. - Dec 12 2007
Only one clue. Maybe you are using the "wrong" qmake for Qt 3.x. You can check this with:

qmake -query "QT_INSTALL_PREFIX" - Oct 01 2007
Thank you for your nice comment. I will give back the roses immediately. I compiled your brandnew version and found the improvements very exciting!

Kind regards, Heinz - Nov 27 2006
A amd64-keyword has to be added by the Gentoo-packagers. I somehow wonder that this build is still running, because it is based on a "ancient" 2.3 version. If anything should be odd, compile it by yourself, where you can add the flags easily too. Regards, Heinz - Nov 23 2006
Thank you for the encouraging comment and for packaging of course.

Regards, Heinz van Saanen - Nov 21 2006
No. For rendering I used a QPixmap, which should work fine in older verions too. - Aug 03 2006
Add Qt4.0) This was the initial release and is one year old. So an update will not harm:-) Quite sure it works from 4.01 or so.

Ad Fonts) I tried this out now. Indeed Qt is quite unimpressed, when changing font-sizes. I will consider this in a future release. For now, add this in main.cpp (after the initialisation!) and change the pixelsize to your needs:

// Set fontsize
QFont sysFont=QApplication::font();
QApplication::setFont(sysFont); - Aug 01 2006
Ad qmake) Of course someone has to use the "right" qmake. I made some additional notes to this in the install.txt of the next release now. Who feels unsecure should check "his" version with qmake --version

Ad QT += opengl) If your observation is right and you can confirm this, make a bugreport to Trolltech. But anyhow I can't really believe this. This is a very central point and against all official docs. Using 4.0 to 4.1.4 and all in between I never faced this penomenon.

And of course: thank you for your friendly vote :-)

- Jul 30 2006
Last year I used Qt4.0, 4.0x and gcc3, later all 4.1.x, actually I use Qt 4.1.4 and gcc4, so virtually all combinations. Take a look in your mail. I sent you my Makefile. Maybe this will help you. - Jul 28 2006
Nice idea to make packages. Of course I will try to support this effort. As I am not a package-expert at all, I will mail you some questions. Maybe I find a solution, which is useful for RPM- or deb-packagers too with your help.

When it comes to version 1.4, I would ask you to check it out, before it goes online. - Jul 28 2006
I still think your Qt4-installation is somehow broken. E.g I checked my system for uic and found it just named 'uic' for both Qt3 and Qt4. Not 'uic-qt4' or something else mentioned above. I cannot imagine, that Trolltech delivers just a Debian-special version. - Jul 28 2006
You never should have to edit the Makefile by yourself. When Qt4 is installed properly, it should produce this automatically after the 'qmake'. I tested this on 4 different OS's and see no good reason why it should not work for Debian. - Jul 28 2006
There are no dependencies on different Linux-distributions, not even on different OS's. The only exception are some lines of assembler-code for Mac-OS X, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the Makefile.

The latter is not generated by Zhu3D, it is generated by Qt4.x. So I guess, you have some quirk with your Qt-installation.

Why you can't edit your Makefile? Apart from that this is not neccessary, I have no idea. Maybe check your system-permissions.

When you want me to help you, send me an e-mail. But revise your infos and be a little more specific. - Jul 27 2006
I took a quick look on Sourceforge. To be honest, the procedure seemed quite complicated to me at a first glance. Maybe when there is more time I will check this out in future. But maybe it does no harm, when Windows-users are installing Qt4 for the first time :-)

Currently I prefer using my spare time for further improvements for the Linux-people. If you are interested, watch out for the new Zhu3D-version, which is coming soon and first time supports transparency.

Thanks for your suggestion, Heinz

- Jul 25 2006

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Mar 29 2010

add the line:

LIBS += -lcryptopp

to the pro-file. Then Qrypto will compile AND link :-)

Regards, Heinz - Jan 02 2009

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by simpl
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Oct 24 2011
Compiling for 64 bit gives a small error:

src/renderthread.cpp: In member function ‘void RenderThread::render(RenderRequest*)’:
src/renderthread.cpp:425: error: cast from ‘RenderRequest*’ to ‘uint’ loses precision

To correct this, just replace (uint) with (long) and it compiles flawlessly. Funny application! - Feb 18 2008