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Helmuth Duarte , Brazil
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Conky 930 comments

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Oct 17 2013
Thx, i wil check this later.
You can use the github to report bugs too :) - Nov 10 2013
I can only add this to the readme, since its a archlinux config cant be used for all linux distro. - Apr 16 2012
all configs in conky slim are locate in /usr/share/conkycolors/script/conkyslim.lua, Go to the end of file and then u will find something like the conkyrc.... - Apr 16 2012
Gona fix it right now, thx! ;) - Apr 16 2012
r u using the last version 7.0.3? - Aug 11 2011
SLS MODE only work with registered xoap service and lm-sensors configured.

cd; rm ~/.conkyForecast.config; wget; cp -r ~/.conkyForecast.config ~/.conkycolors/.conkyForecast.config - Aug 10 2011
got to the deviant art page click in Download File at top-right in the page.

This project become a little bigger to host in gnome-look page. - Jul 26 2011
[helmuth@lee ~]$ cal -h
cal: invalid option -- 'h'
usage: cal [-13smjyV] [[[day] month] year]
[helmuth@lee ~]$
- Jun 13 2011
cal: invalid option -- 'h'
usage: cal [-13smjyV] [[[day] month] year]

I dont kwon what is happen with your cal...

What is your linux distro? - Jun 09 2011
Cairo/Ring mode work with conky 1.8.1 but the default and board mode r broke duo a problem with conky, but conky 2.0pre fixed these problens but leave us with no cairo support (at least for now).
To fix those problems with all python scripts the best option should be disable they and replace with some bash or conky option (no time for this now) - May 26 2011
Here is: - May 26 2011
Now its running, but only the cairo/ring mode work correct, the default and board mode still have problens with conky 1.8.1 - May 26 2011
try this: conky-colors --ring --cpu=2 --clock=ring --banshee=ring-case --network - Apr 19 2011
u can change it in your conkyrc file (~/.conkycolors/conkyrc) there is a time in sec in the photo session.
${execi 60 ~/.conkycolors/bin/conkyPhotoRandom}${image /tmp/conkyPhoto.png -s 175x120}${voffset 114} - Mar 17 2011
Just try a reboot, your apt-get maybe is lock...
If doesnt work remove this file:
sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/lock

then it should work... - Mar 17 2011
I will try to fix this one, for now u can and the path: /usr/share/conkycolors/ replacing (null) and it should work - Mar 14 2011
well... sry but i dont know... :( - Mar 11 2011
check if u have a voffset option at botton of the file and change values... - Jan 29 2011
u need to run conky with the conkycolors config, something like: "conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc" may do the trick... :)

this black one is the default one - Jan 29 2011
Thank u, it will be there in the next release :) - Jan 21 2011
You will never be able to have icons under conky and actually see the icons, even if Conky seems transparent... it's actually not. :( - Jan 21 2011
u need to run conky with the conkycolors config, something like: "conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc" may do the trick... :) - Jan 21 2011
Sure, just take a look at /src/translation.c file and u can post the code in pastebin and share with us.
Greetings - Jan 17 2011
just a warning, but it work smooth. For some reason it only give that warning in the this gcc version (ubuntu maverick), in the new version this doesnt happen. :) - Jan 13 2011
sry, i will fix this now!
thanks - Jan 13 2011
try to check if u have Droid mono sans installed... - Jan 13 2011
well... there is something realy wrong there! :P
U can try this:

otherwise i dont know who to help u :( - Jan 06 2011
what distro u use? Did u have installed the conky-all if using ubuntu?

The "default" conky package doesnt support it, thats why i use conky-all package

U can check in your distro if conky is compiled with this flag...

greetings - Jan 05 2011
... well, work for me too
I will make this default then (less problems)
Thanks for the thip :) - Jan 04 2011
Well, this is still under develop... i just need to figure out to to put more then 2 cpus and it still looks good :)
I have some ideas for the sides spaces, like google calendar, music, photo, torrent, e-mail, rss and so on.
Just need some time to make all this work.

..cya! :) - Jan 04 2011
Not that hard, see:
Step 1:
Download conky-colors
Step 2:
Extract where u downloaded.
Ex: /home/myname/Downloads
Step 3:
Open Terminal and type: Quote:

cd /home/myname/Downloads/conky_colors

(Assuming that you have extracted there)
Step 4:
Type in terminal:Quote:

sudo make install

Step 5:
Be happy! :) - Dec 03 2010
conky-colors --cpu=2 --updates --swap --proc=3 --clock=off --calendar --rhythmbox=default --hd=default --network

I will release a bugfix for the color problem in nvidia widget :) - Nov 29 2010
check in the ~/.conkycolors folder.
to run conky-colors with conky type:
conky -c ~/.conkycolors/conkyrc

check the output from conky-colors also :) - Nov 21 2010
try to change in your conkyrc inside ~/.conkycolors folder

This script is a little out of date, need to be reviewed - Nov 19 2010
Try to change the default battery device: BAT0 to BAT1 or BAT2 - Nov 19 2010
and this new release fixes the python version problem - Nov 19 2010
Do not upgrade conky to 1.8.1, use the older version 1.8.0.
This new version breaks everything! bah! - Nov 19 2010

GTK3 Themes 57 comments

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Oct 29 2013
So, basically all gray themes = mac theme?!?!?!?!?!

This it not even close the mac theme, and i have one, but its okay.
Keep the good work man, you themes (gnome-shell and gtk) are one of the best out here.

lol - Jun 26 2012

GTK3 Themes 50 comments

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Jan 18 2013
Thx for this great theme! :) - Apr 04 2012
Someone has done some work to port your work into xfce, maybe you can talk with him and include this in the official theme. - Mar 15 2012
3 letters: lol

Keep it up man, love your work! - Jan 25 2012
elementary GTK theme

GTK3 Themes 12 comments

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Apr 30 2012
i believe nautilus, totem, gnome-panel... are parts of GNOME 3... and they just dont fit with this theme. Unity also has NO support... Daniel (aka DanRabbit) just made clear that he will not support anything besides the elementary project.
I don't blame him, since he does most of the things alone... - Apr 04 2012
Its one of the best themes out there, but the lack of compatibility with gnome 3 and unity just kill this great theme... - Apr 03 2012
Kawai [QtCurve]

QtCurve 9 comments

Score 78.4%
Dec 21 2012
Here u can install my both themes, just replace $USERNAME with your username:

tar zxvf 144205-Sweet.tar.gz
tar zxvf 141920-Kawai.tar.gz
rm 144205-Sweet.tar.gz
rm 141920-Kawai.tar.gz
mkdir -p /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes
mv Sweet/Sweet.colors /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes
mv Kawai/Kawai.colors /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/color-schemes
mkdir -p /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/QtCurve
mv Sweet/Sweet.qtcurve /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/QtCurve
mv Kawai/Kawai.qtcurve /home/$USERNAME/.kde4/share/apps/QtCurve
rm -fr Kawai Sweet

greetings - Jan 22 2012
Oxygen! ;) - Aug 21 2011
Sweet [QtCurve]

QtCurve 3 comments

Score 78.6%
May 10 2013
Thx :) - Jan 17 2012

GTK3 Themes 22 comments

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Aug 17 2012
Is there a way to bring the troll back?
I Just love the old style (even with that heart) :P - Dec 08 2011

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
best theme ever! :) - Nov 11 2011
Thx for the upd man, do u think it could be possible make a ppa so ppl can easy contribute to this awesome theme! :) - Oct 01 2011
Cant add nothing to your words...

I made an awn theme for this beautiful work!

Thanks man! - May 26 2011

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