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Satomi Hizumi

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by yogin
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Jul 08 2011
if I change GUI style in qtconfig from "Desktop Setting (default)" in another style it works,so maybe problem is kde version (4.5.5). - Jul 23 2011
Hi, in 0.8.1 version background color is the same as kde windows, I tried to change it in "qcomicbook setting" but it doesn't.
However I found it works when you comment out "setFrameShape(QFrame::NoFrame);" line in pageviewbase.cpp
- Jul 21 2011
Cold lava and pines

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Dec 29 2006
Yeah, I hope u like it - Dec 30 2006
Thunnus thynnus

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Aug 14 2006
that's speak about tuna stomach and back colours, habitat and japanese usage (tasty!!!) etc..
i don't understand about your "kana" that looks like a smiley sorry.
However u can find kana tables in google(hiragana and katagana) - Aug 16 2006