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Herb Man

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Mar 19 2012
Stoneage is long over, this is 2009, so at least there should be a graphical piece for every task.

- Apr 13 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
I did and the provided Icons are shown correctly but they dont fit my theme. Anyhow, i will search for a more complete icon set. Thank you.

Thank you for the nice weather plasmoid and keep up the good work !

- Apr 11 2009

Works nice your plasmoid. But sometimes a weather icon is missing and shows the "no icon" image. I am using the kde built-in icons running Jaunty 9.04 Kubuntu beta.

any idea what i did wrong ?
- Apr 10 2009

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Aug 01 2011
Amarok is stupid, it's ugly, it doesn't even know what to do! Don't try it!

Sorry, but since today this ugly piece of software tells me to install some restricted codecs (k3b and mpeg). No matter what i do - it continues telling me to update my system (Jaunty 9.04).

It's the worst player i have ever used and now i will jump to another, less ugly and buggy player.

Amarok wants "installing packages for extra multimedia functionality" ?

Amarok needs a kick in the arse now to jump of off my harddisk asap ...

- Apr 08 2009

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by csgib
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Jul 30 2013
DVD Authoring is all about "Standards". Video Editing/Encoding/Decoding/Transcoding/Compositing is all about "Standards". If you hate standards then why do you even write here ?

Look, what you "Open-Source" geeks never understood (and thats why Linux is so far behind) is that you must OBEY at least some standards in order to perfom the task of editing, authoring or whatever.

Is that so hard to understand ?

Without a basic set of included standards Linux would not exist anymore.

But i am afraid that you are even unable to admit that.

Anyway, i dont have any more time to argue with stupid people anymore. I better go and author some DVDs with QDVDauthor ...


- Apr 02 2009
? polish ..

oh, i think you mean "polite", right ? Since i am german, not of polish decent.

And i already bought Nero for my Linux - since its the only software who can make blu-ray. Thank you very much.

And yes, i am also using Avid and Adobe Premiere on my Compositing box. No need to use linux for that since there is no real software for it.

I cant tell you what 2DVDMan tells me on the console since i removed it a few minutes ago - i dont want to waste my precious time with translating your software.

And yes, i love you too ..... you are a real frenchy.


- Apr 02 2009
Yes, i am very funny. So are you.

And no, i do not have a english interface - only french.

And yes, Windows (and MacOS) is much better than Linux if it comes to video editing, authoring or compositing.

But most Linux fanboys cant admit that.

Anyway, i wish you luck in this english world with your french projects.

- Apr 02 2009
There is no need to get ugly and to insult me. I just cant stand french, thats all. My personal thing.

English is also not my native language - but english is the world language (and the chosen language of Linux).

So, all linux projects offer english language, not french, not russian, not german - ENGLISH

Is it that hard to understand ?

my english is also not very good but i am intelligent enough to admit that english is the language we write and speak in order to understand each other.

Your attitude of "i am a french and i am so proud of my language and do all in french" is not very helpful. So, learn english and go ahead or shut up yourself.

I am soo tired of those arrogant french people and their ugly language ... :/

- Apr 01 2009
The only word in french i know is "merde" and the only sentence i know is "putain de merde" (i dislike the french language, sorry).

So i am a little bit lost here. I hope there will be translations soon, so i will know what i am doing :)
- Mar 31 2009

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Apr 26 2011
I re-tried it once more - selected both audiotracks and started encoding. I ended up with one videostream and one audiotrack (even the wrong one). So k2copy is just a joke :(

Thats really crap. I must use a windows software now to rip a dual-audio dvd. I betetr go complöetely back to windows since linux sucks at multimedia stuff like video and audio.


- Mar 25 2009
No, thats wrong. k9copy can NOT rip more than one audiotrack as xvid. I was not talking about subtitles. And i was not talking about DVD - i was talking about XVID - and like all the other rippers and tools (like the crappy avidemux, acidrip etc.) it only supports ONE (!) audio track. So, back to a windows tool :(

If i am wrong then just tell me how to make a dual-language (NOT SUBTITLE) into a dual-language xvid ? Precise: german and english AC3 audiotracks + video -> xvid with two audiotracks ? Tell me ...

- Mar 25 2009
And another rip app that only supports ONE audiotrack for XviD ripping ... sigh.

Because i would like to rip english AND german track i must use a windows software because NO linux app can do more than one audio tracks.

Come on guys, thats ridiculous and stupid. Please make it possible to convert more tracks like Auto Gordian Knot (Windows) does. Is it that unusual that someone wants more than one language ?


- Mar 25 2009