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lars friedrichs Diepholz, Germany
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Feb 13 2008

I just saw your question was not answered yet so here is the command to switch the display off:

xset dpms force off

You may combine it with any other command via && or put it in a script that you call from BlueProximity.

Lars - Mar 26 2008
hm, you could even enter your own command. I did not check which command that would be at the moment, but I am sure there would be an appropriate command for linux.

Lars - Nov 29 2007

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by trisz
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Oct 24 2007
well said :-)
Although I might change some bits in my frontend to
a) make it KDE-friendlier (it will always stay a GNOMEized GTK+ based version)
b) may add support for stable pyGTK versions
once I have more time left. I'm doing my semester's test atm and my wife's expecting this month so I am quite busy...

Lars - Oct 01 2007

Why should it not handle kde-screensaver? Actually it does and you may also modify the commands if they don't work for you.

If you have problems using it with kde please report them to me and/or use trisz's version for KDE.

Lars Friedrichs - Oct 01 2007