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Heinz-M. Graesing , Germany

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Sep 10 2007
Hello dmonat0307,

we startet working on a OSX Client. It looks like we can release a Beta Version soon.
What I meant regarding RDP is, taht you can use the rdesktop application startet on your server session to contact a WTS. At the moment our Client has no RDP support. The next Feature we are talking about will be a Printer Integration.
We will discuss your statement "VMWare is not OSS" - There are a lot of VMWare Installations in the world... Until now I have had no experience with XEN, but I've been using VirtualBox.


Heinz - Oct 14 2007
Hello dmonat0307,

the difference between x2go and freenx is that the client(s) are open source (gpl). x2go is able to take advantage of LDAP servers and you can take a session with you (session suspension) by smartcard or usb-stick authentification. x2go uses sshfs for file transfer.
We are working on a windows client, but after the release it's possible to start the development of an osx client - x2goclient is qt4. You are the first person asking for a osx client.
There is a command line client too - so it is easy to develop a gtk client.
There will be no support for rdp - rdesktop is a great application and can be combined with krdc. Thank you for your "WOW".
- Sep 16 2007
We are working on the translation, the windows client (already working but not transportable) and packages for ubuntu. There will be a Live-CD soon. - Sep 10 2007