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22 hours ago
I too would like to start my Kup Backups anew. How do I "wipe." Or, can I just delete the .pack files? Is there an elegant way to do this? - Oct 18 2017
I do have a few suggestions on labels. Actually, just a help file or handbook would be useful. Do you have a Wiki that I can contribute to? - Oct 18 2017
I figured out to use the command:
sudo chown -R user:user /path/to/drive.
I ran Kup and although it said it failed, it actually worked (there were a few temporary files that disappeared between configuring kup and running it). I restored a file as a test and kup's file digger is beautiful. It allows opening, restoring to the original or different location. The message when opening kup to restore is misleading - it says that this backup has never been run. When I click on make a new backup, it checks the integrity of the backup; that shows that it knows it has a versioned backup.
So, kup is actually working for me. I'm very happy about this and grateful to the author of the code. This is a beautiful program. Keep up the good work. May you be blessed with the affection of your children.
- Sep 26 2017
I figured out to :sudo chown -R user:user /path/to/drive and now Kup is working I think. Thank you again.
- Sep 25 2017
Thank you! I was able to install bup 0.29-2 I ran kup and it didn't have Errno 22.
I got this: "header: expected 'BUPI\x00\x00\x00\x07', got 'BUPI\x00\x00\x00\x05'
Ignoring attr EINVAL; if you're not using ntfs-3g, please report:"
I suspected that my external hard disk (destination) was full or lacking in capacity so I formatted an old one to ext3 then to ext4, reconfigured my kup backup and tried to run it with each format. When I click on "Save New Backup," I get, "You don't have write permission to backup destination." I checked my media/user/device folder and the owner has write permission. I've spent all day on this again. If you're confident that kup/bup is OK, I'll dig in some more on the folder/device/file permissions. I must say that the kup front end is very nice. The log file is easily accessible. I think once I get it set up it will work well. Thanks for your kindness. - Sep 22 2017
I'm using Kubuntu 16.04 because of its LTS. It seems like I'll need to upgrade to 17.04 to be able to use kup. The bup package is uses bup .29-3 What do you think? Or can I upgrade bup manually and stay with 16.04? - Sep 20 2017
My upgrade attempt returned, "bup is already the newest version (0.27-2)" What can I do? - Sep 19 2017
debian/0.27-2 let me see if I can upgrade it.
- Sep 19 2017
I do use Thai language on my system. Would that make any difference? - Sep 19 2017
I'm sorry, I haven't been able to discover how to send a personal message on this website or in the forum. You can access it here:
Thank you for your kind attention. Sincerely, Geoffrey - Sep 19 2017
I'm working on my first backup and I'm new to Kubuntu. I get 78357 Errno 22's - invalid argument and "failed to index everything". I suspect it has something to do with permissions or ownership. Can you please point me in the right direction. I selected folders in /home/media to backup. These all refer to logical NTFS disks. The folders in /media/ have ownership - user: geoffrey, group: geoffrey. The actual devices have ownership - user: root, group: disk.
Thanks. - Sep 12 2017
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