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Device Information KCM

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Dec 07 2009
Device Info KCM has been discontinued as it has been moved upstream and will make a presence in KDE SC 4.5

Thanks for your support with the application. - Feb 21 2010
Umm, odd.. sounds like Solid is not picking up your processor.. can you supply me with what distribution you are using, thanks. - Nov 01 2009
Thanks, i have uploaded a new version with the same version number, if you download it again it should work as intended... - Oct 31 2009
Thanks, that helped a lot.. if you redownload the version it should work fine. It was a stupid mistake by me.

Thanks for your help - Oct 31 2009
Thanks the segfault helped, could not see why it was happening but i added more error checking into that section.

Try version 0.0.4, hopefully it is fixed. - Oct 30 2009
Glad you like it. I wish to get it more feature complete before possibly submitting it, i would think after 4.4 when new Solid based options are avaliable.

Thanks - Oct 30 2009
Try 0.3.0. If it still happens can you cut and paste the crash infomation here please

Thanks - Oct 30 2009
Thanks, I shall look into this - Oct 22 2009
Do you get any error messages?

- Oct 08 2009