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Oxygen Gtk

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Oct 23 2014
Thanks for giving it a shot
product is: oxygen
component is: gtk3-engine

- Mar 05 2014
Bugs are best reported to, as mentionned in the package description.
Right now I cannot reproduce.
If you submit a bug in the page above please provide the versions you are using, for oxygen-gtk3 (and also try the latest), nautilus, gtk3.
Also explain "does not work" and possibly provide screenshot
Then I will do my best to fix.
Thanks in advance,

Hugo - Mar 05 2014
This would be either a problem with chrome, or with kwin. Not oxygen-gtk. Thus wont add the option (that would just hide the bug). Feel free to post a bug report at - Jan 24 2014
you need to file proper bug reports ( with more details to get any help on this. Notably, what you mean by "support" ?

- Oct 31 2013
indeed this is an issue with glib (that affects many other applications) and not with oxygen-gtk.
So not much we can do on our side.
Please report the issue to them in case it re-occur with more recent versions of glib ... - Oct 08 2013
Not sure I understand the question.
Oxygen-gtk is primarily written for matching gtk and Qt applications in KDE. So, if you use a different colorscheme, in kde, it should be caught automatically by oxygen-gtk and they would still match the Qt/KDE applications.

Now, for other desktop environments (gnome, fwm, etc.), oxygen-gtk will not pick the colorscheme changes, and thus you'd have to do the job manually. Easiest is to make a copy of


to $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals

and modify the colors (manually) in there.
- Aug 02 2013
... as for the freeze reported at: its actually a glib issue and has been fixed (worked around) in latest oxygen-gtk.

- May 04 2013
Also, last comment of says that issue also happens with other themes. So not sure it is actually related to oxygen-gtk at all (but unclear what theme has actually been changed) - May 04 2013
Nope, was not aware.
Also, best way to submit bugs for oxygen-gtk is
would help us get more info and interaction with users, (notably the oxygen-gtk version that is shiped with the distro).

(note: here with mageai3 there is no issue with firefix, thunderbird nor anything).
- May 04 2013
Since you are not using kde I guess you can't change it via some kde configuration tool, I guess.

You need to locate the file name kdeglobals installed with oxygen-gtk (usually: /usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-2.0/kdeglobals), make a copy to $HOME/.config/oxygen-gtk/kdeglobals and modify the icon theme from there.

Basically you'd need to add:


Note that you can also modify the above file directly provided you have root access. - Apr 29 2013
Not easy: there is no configuration for this.
What you describe is actually a bug and should be reported as such (see instructions above). - Apr 29 2013
it depends on your installation.
if you are using kde, just change the color settings.
if you are not, locate the file name kdeglobals installed with oxygen-gtk (usually: /usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-2.0/kdeglobals), make a copy to .config/oxygen-gtk/kdeglobals and modify the colors there.

The colors you need to modify are under the section [Colors:Button]

Note that you can also modify the above file directly provided you have root access. - Apr 29 2013
this have been going back and forth due to an initial glitch when copying to the servers.

Fixed now. - Jun 19 2012
I guess I've read to quickly
thanks Ruslan, for fixing this.
- May 02 2012
Mandriva 2010 is quite an old distribution. Most likely your version of Gtk is too old. You'd need to upgrade. There is no way we can support all versions of Gtk since it keeps adding new features (some of which we need badly) every new release.

Can you post the version of Gtk that you are using ?


Hugo - May 02 2012
Wont happen any time soon.
Hands full already with oxygen-qt, oxygen-transparent.

Also, a transparent gtk theme will actually make many gtk applications crash, that you have to blacklist, and there are zillions of them.
Might work for *you* (if you are not using applications that crash and have not been blacklisted), but not for *everyone* or you end up with a 500 lines long black-list.

So basically, bottomline is: at least 50% of gtk applications do _not_ support transparency (even if gtk itself does), which makes it practically unusable.

Not to mention gtk3 which is around now.
- May 02 2012
First a screenshot:

So "inactive tabs" are as high in gtk2 and gtk3 here.
Why the active tab is smaller is a gtk3 bug: the same css property is used for the spacing around the tab, and the spacing around the whole tabwidget frame.
So if you want to give more space around the tabs, you end up with a lot of wasted space around the full frame.
See on the screenshot already how the spacing around the text entry is larger for gtk3 than for gtk2. That's exactly the issue.
So ... upstream bug.

As for the other issues you report, I'd rather have them fix in oxygen-gtk (rather than merging css styles, like you did). Could report dedicated (and separated) bugs on ? Providing screenshots of the issues ?

Cheers and thanks,

Hugo - Apr 27 2012
nope. Its on "long term" todo list.
Requires quite some work and a lot of blacklisting of applications that would crash when trying to use it.

And will never work for say
- firefox and co
- libreoffice
- opera
- etc.
- Feb 17 2012
well, you could run KDE as a Desktop environment, KWIn as a window decorator, and use the perfectly matched Oxygen window decoration :)
- Feb 05 2012
In principle the style has no impact on text editors. Now, this might be some kind of custom layout that would use different widgets for each line.

Could you double check how it looks with other widget themes ?

In any case, in order to debug I'd need to know:
what application it is;
what gtk version it is (and notably, gtk2 and gtk3)
which versions of oxygen-gtk you compared.

Also, bugs/issues are best reported on rather than here.


Hugo - Feb 03 2012
well, then, no clue. Maybe its related with the wrong install path issue mentionned above.
Works here (and at least for two other people that I know of), with $HOME/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini containing

gtk-theme-name = oxygen-gtk
- Jan 18 2012
See the README of the gtk3 tarball to select the widget style. - Jan 18 2012
Must have to do with your gtk install. The CMakeLists uses PkgConfig to determine the path.
Best is to fill a bug report on and provide there the output of your "cmake" command.
Also, you can set the install path manually using cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr (but this should not be necessary).
- Jan 17 2012

Sorry for late answer.

This is the guy responsible for setting up icon names "translations" so that non standard gtk named icons are magically replaced by their standard equivalent (notably with oxygen style).

To be honest, why the whole procedure sometimes works and sometimes does not, is a mystery to me. - Jan 05 2012

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Jan 08 2013
Most likely your version of KDE (and notably kde-workspace) is too old with respect to the latest oxygen-transparent. This one is supposed to work only on most recent KDE (from KDE/4.10 branch, or event git master).

See comments above on how you can get older versions (KDE/4.8 and 4.9)

Hope this helps,

Hugo - Jan 09 2013
The log indicate that you are either missing the dev packages for kde-workspace, or have a too old version.
As explained in the page, current branch compiles only with kde from git (which will become kde-4.10)
For anything older (KDE 4.8 or 4.9) select the relevant branch as explained above.
Feedback welcome in case you still have problems. - Dec 11 2012
Agreed, and I'll do so.
However, note that you can
- set the transparency in the widget style
- set the decoration to "use widget style opacity settings" (which disable the slider at the same time).
This way you are sure you have the same value for both. Also for applications that keep opaque windows (such as firefox and all gtk applications) you would get a matching opaque decoration.

Feedback welcome,

- Dec 01 2012
Ok. I think I have cleaned up a bit the "version" mess that causes your problems.
There are now three versions:
KDE/4.8, which was the old "stable" version
KDE/4.9, which should suit your needs
master, which should be compiled against latest KDE (from git).
master will be copied to KDE/4.10 when this version of KDE4 is released, and development will go on into the master branch only.
Give a shot at: -b KDE/4.9, it should work out of the box. Feel free to report any new errors.

Hugo - Nov 29 2012
Well. That is not *the same* error.
This new error is due to the fact that ... well ...
oxygen-transparent now compiles only with latest KDE (that will be KDE4.10 in a couple of weeks). Basically (sorry about that), there is no branch at the moment that compiles against KDE 4.9. Sorry.
I'll see if I can fix in the comming days.

In the meanwhile, in your oxygen-transparent source directory, you can make

git checkout 27cd05b33653322ecbde5f66776c173dc3fcc46e^

git checkout -b myBranch

And try recompile. This "should" work, though I have not tested.

Hugo - Nov 28 2012
Yes. Stable branch is meant for KDE up to 4.8
For KDE 4.9 and later, you need the "master" branch (the default). I realize this is not really coherent with what's in the comments. Will see if I can improve (basically, I need a real versionning scheme, such as KDE/4.8, KDE/4.9, etc ...) - Nov 28 2012
yes, fixed. I had this issue too.
Now this created other side effects, which are also fixed now. - Aug 29 2012
Fixed with latest git.
NOTE: in general it is better to submit issues as bugs at rather than here, for bookkeeping.
As a matter of fact this was already done by some users (you ?) - Aug 29 2012
added kpartsplugin and djview to blacklist.

Done, with latest git.
Will update later once I have the list of arguments figured out. - Aug 29 2012
Right now we retrieve the application name via QApplication->argv()[0]

Checking the arguments is possible (from the same method), just need a bit of thinking for the UI and the matching algorithm (since arguments can usually be passed in random order).

Will keep you posted.
Thanks for the suggestion - Aug 29 2012
Working on it.
In the meanwhile, you can use "native" engine for those applications
(e.g. gwenview -graphicssystem native)
That fixes it temporarily, as far as I know. - Aug 09 2012
are you using the latest version from git ?
I can't reproduce here ...
But maybe there *is* an issue.
Also: if you've been using the "stable" branch version before (see comment) you need to get the "master" branch now, if you are running 4.9
Keep me posted - Aug 04 2012
As said in the log, you need kde4 workspace version > 4.8.40, which is the version from trunk.

Could NOT find KDE4Workspace (missing: KDE4Workspace_CONFIG) (Required is
at least version "4.8.40")

Please read the comments above to get the right code that works with older versions of kde - Jun 06 2012
As said in the log, you need kde4 workspace version > 4.8.40, which is the version from trunk.

Could NOT find KDE4Workspace (missing: KDE4Workspace_CONFIG) (Required is
at least version "4.8.40")

Please read the comments above to get the right code that works with older versions of kde - Jun 05 2012
Yes (but only in the title bar).
In systemsettings->workspace appearance->window decoration, click "configure decorations", go to "fine tuning", and select "Solid color" for the "background style". Now, this is _not_ used by the widget style (the window contents), so that you might end up in some inconsistency between decoration and window. This is something I intend to fix in the near future. - May 29 2012
The "master" branch of oxygen-transparent only works with KDE from trunk. So that's what you need to have and not having it is why the code won't compile.

For older KDE versions, use the "stable" branch.
See the comments at the top for details.

Hugo - May 02 2012
Please read the notes above.
You need to get a different branch depending on which kde version you run.
Sorry for the trouble. - Mar 21 2012
There is no point sending here the same message again and again, without any additional word to even mention that you read my answers to the previous messages.

The fact that you still have the error means that you did *not* follow the right procedure.

The code that creates the compilation error is *not* in the stable branch of oxygen transparent, so the fact that you are having this error means that you do *not* run these sources.

You must
- get the latest script
- run the command quoted above
- re-install

Note: this is the last answer I will provide, in absence of more constructive feedback on your side. - Feb 15 2012
as explained in the text above,
Quote: --branch stable

is what you need.
I just tested it and it should work. - Feb 15 2012
Please read important note #1 above. Its all explained. - Feb 14 2012
you are running with KDE from trunk, right ?
if yes, yes. The API has changed (yesterday)
I'm working on fixing it, (but this will be painfull because fixed code won't compile against previous KDE versions, so I'll need a branch)
- Feb 13 2012
its due to your Qt version being changed since last compile.
Easiest is
rm -rvf build
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix` ..
sudo make install - Jan 25 2012
try again. Seems to be back.
No need to post the answer three times though ;) - Jan 19 2012
ok fixed with latest version. - Jan 09 2012
this is a know QT4.8 bug.
Also happens for oxygen (non transparent).
PS: bugs (and especially backtrace), should not be reported here (please !) but to

Still deliberating whether I should put a workaround in oxygen's or wait for Qt to actually fix their bug.

- Jan 09 2012
The incriminated method (ListenForChanges) only comes with KDE-4.6. Hence the error.
You can safely comment the guilty line in oxygenstyle.cpp and things should compile and work (minus one feature: on-fly update on configuration change). - Dec 18 2011
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Nov 14 2009