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Mar 23 2008
Hi pinkworm. I've just had a look at SpinAndLaunch. They're not doing the same thing; they're complimentary :-)

If I've understood correctly from my quick play with it, SpinAndLaunch is an alternative way of launching new instances of applications. TaskSwitch is a way of switching between already running instances.

I really like the translucent background you've got there: I think that might be something I ought to imitate - sincerest form of flattery and so forth! - Mar 19 2008
Thanks for the feedback. You know those "minor display glitches" I mentioned... you've found them! Hopefully I'll have time to fix them in the next few days. - Mar 19 2008
I'm at work at the moment, but I'll try to have a look tonight. - Mar 19 2008