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Adwaita Dark Green

GTK3 Themes 24 comments

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Oct 13 2019
No. I'll update this theme when I find issues/Gnome changes things. But GTK is separate from Gnome Shell and I don't plan to theme Gnome Shell. - Feb 26 2020
It's the Tango icon theme (plus a load of extra Tango-esque icons that I've collected over the years, but the screenshots just show Tango elements). The Tango project made excellent project that made icons that looked clean, crisp, well designed, and had a good colour palette. And the different apps looked distinctive and followed Human Interface Guideline (HIG) rules.

But no, I've got no plans to make a Gnome Shell theme. All I'd change is the highlight colour, and it's not worth the effort to keep it maintained. - Feb 26 2020
I'm glad you generally like it, even if you don't like the green. I think I based it on an old version of openSUSE that I started using - somewhere around 11.3, when they were using their own Gnome theme.

If you want to change the green then all you need to do is install the Ruby SASS modules, edit line 24 of gtk.scss ( and run the "" script and the whole thing will recompile with your new colour - May 18 2017
Yes, the required change itself is simple, but no, it cannot easily be fixed with the way I am modifying the theme.

The theme is built from SCSS files that are parsed to generate the CSS. I intentionally do not change the underlying common.scss etc so that I can easily compare between versions to see what issues I might need to fix. If I start making changes like that to the original Adwaita files rather than my override file then, no matter how small they start, they'll end up making it difficult to maintain.

It sounds like GTK 3.22 might have changed something. I'll see how big the changes are and whether the recent GTK stability means that I can back-port the standard GTK 3.22 Adwaita files as 3.20 theme files so that I don't have to maintain too many versions. - Feb 02 2017
I'm aware of those warnings, but they're not caused by me and I can't fix them directly given how the theme is built.

This theme takes Adwaita, imports it, and then overrides some bits (base colours, menus, etc). Both of those warnings come from original Adwaita theme files. Without editing those files (which I avoid so as to keep my theme easy to maintain) I can't fix those errors.

Which version of GTK are you using? - Feb 02 2017
I thought it was just the highlighting at first, but I've checked and it does go dark-light-dark where the original Adwaita went dark-lighter-lighest.

I've fixed that now and released 1.0.1. - Feb 01 2017
I'm glad you like it - most of the design is the Adwaita appearance, I just darkened it so it was easier on my eyes!

I'm not sure which bit you mean be the "crease". Can you show me an example?

Thanks. - Jan 24 2017
Thanks - it's quite simple, mainly just a colour change - Jan 24 2017

Gnome Shell Themes 11 comments

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Jul 31 2016
Gnome 3.14 support? Hurrah! Thank you! - Jan 16 2015
Uniq v1

Metacity Themes 5 comments

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Jan 24 2011
The theme doesn't treat Nautilus windows any differently from other windows, so unless it is a GTK3 thing (Gnome Shell doesn't use Metacity for GTK3 apps because of the new headerbar) then I don't know why the windows would differ.

I've just looked at the theme and I can't see any light grey anywhere other than the highlights. At the moment then I don't know what causes it, as I've never seen it in the years I've used this theme.

Finally, toolbars are widgets, so they'd be affected by your GTK/Qt/other theme rather than the Metacity theme. - Apr 21 2014
Sorry, it should be fixed now. They should both also be in .tar.gz format as well so you can install them via the Appearances dialog if you want. - Jan 24 2011
Mediterranean Night Dark Green

GTK3 Themes 18 comments

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Apr 13 2014
Really? I'm sure I tried one the other day when packaging this (manual install - unzip the folders to "~/.themes") and while they were a little broken in places on GTK3 apps (because they target older Gnome) they still loaded and worked enough that you'd be able to tell whether GTK2 theming works (which is older and more stable). - Apr 15 2014
Different themes will do different things with different engines. If Numix works then that implies that Firefox/LO are okay and could load the theme. Can you try with the original themes that this is based off so that I can see if it is something that I changed that caused the problem? - Apr 15 2014
There used to be a dependency on the Unico engine, but that was removed a while ago. It is odd that most GTK2 apps work, except Firefox and LO.

From digging around, there are a few options:
1) Try the original Mediterranean Nights themes and see if they have the same issue for you
2) run "GTK2_RC_FILES=~/.themes/MediterraneanNightDarkGreen/gtk-2.0/gtkrc firefox" to see if Firefox is just ignoring the gtkrc file
3) Is there anything in ~/.xsession-errors after you run Firefox? If it isn't logging to the console then it might log there
4) Try the "GTK+ Native" theme (although IMO it isn't as nice as what the Default theme seems to do with my theme)

My main thought at the moment is that either Firefox/LO aren't picking up the theme for some completely unknown reason, or your staging repo has change the GTK libraries to ones that Fx/LO aren't compiled against and they've changed in such a way that the apps still work but don't style. - Apr 15 2014
I've just checked my LibreOffice and it looks fine as well. Something must be stopping them from loading the theme correctly.

What version of GTK3 are you running? And if you run Firefox or LibreOffice from the command-line, do you get any errors out? - Apr 14 2014
That last screenshot looks like it has fallen back to the default "Win95-like" theme. Which version of Firefox and Gnome are you using? and how do other GTK2 apps look?

I get a dark grey menu bar (if I show it), dark grey tab background, dark grey un-focused tabs and dark grey menus, the same as other GTK2 and GTK3 apps. The "Firefox" button (the one that appears when the menu bar is hidden) goes grey when I hover it, but I think that's an issue of Firefox using the menu bar colour on a non-menu bar area. There might be a way to fix it, but I'd have to crib someone else's code. - Apr 14 2014
That last screenshot looks like it has fallen back to the default "Win95-like" theme. Which version of Firefox and Gnome are you using? and how do other GTK2 apps look?

I get a dark grey menu bar (if I show it), dark grey tab background, dark grey un-focused tabs and dark grey menus, the same as other GTK2 and GTK3 apps. The "Firefox" button (the one that appears when the menu bar is hidden) goes grey when I hover it, but I think that's an issue of Firefox using the menu bar colour on a non-menu bar area. There might be a way to fix it, but I'd have to crib someone else's code. - Apr 14 2014
Odd. Have you got screenshots? I'm using Firefox 28 and it all looks fine to me. - Apr 14 2014
MediterraneanNight Series

GTK3 Themes 264 comments

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Jun 20 2013
Okay, your gist and this gist seem to fix it all for me and give a reasonable (if not 100% perfect) coverage for the title bars with dark buttons:

(I think that includes everything, except the two edits I mentioned in the other comment, which you seem to have to make in the original places for some reason) - Apr 12 2014
Actually, found a fix!

In gtk-widgets.css, find "* {", replace "background-color: @…;" value with "background-color: none;". In ".window-frame {" add "background-color: @theme_bg_color;" and all seems to be good!

Now to see if I can get dark buttons in the header/title bar/whatever-they-call-it… - Apr 12 2014
I've moved to Gnome 3.12 now and various other bits have changed that make even the fixed version look ugly again.


Why do so few people make nice "dark but not too dark" themes? I don't want "so dark I have to squint" and I don't want "so bright that my eyes burn". I just want "mid-tones with dark menu bars". - Apr 12 2014
Apps like Nautilus and Gnome Tweak Tool that use the new GtkHeaderBar method don't have a border or background and so they look a little like the window manager has crashed.

I mainly seem to use GTK2 apps and GTK3 apps that don't use the HeaderBar, so it looks a little ugly but it is better than the eye-searing brightness and bulkiness of Adwaita or the compromise of other themes (like Greybird, which is nice enough on most apps but not as good on the Polly Twitter client).

I managed to tweak a few bits last night by stealing some CSS snippets from Adwaita, but it was slow progress because it isn't well documented. - Dec 02 2013
Yeah, I'd love a 3.10 update, especially if the new GTKHeaderBar could be made dark in the MediterraneanNight "Dark" themes :)

For now I'm just coping, because it isn't unusable as it is, and this is the only decent theme with dark menus and mid-shade windows that I can find! - Dec 01 2013

GTK3 Themes 364 comments

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Sep 13 2017
Note: Because Gnome 3.6 is the worst release of Gnome so far - this theme no longer contains Zukitwo-Dark. I had no motivation to maintain it any longer. There are also plenty of old and new bugs plus regressions.

Unfortunately, it appears to have gone. Which is a shame, because there aren't enough usable dark themes out there :\

Can someone else with a bit of artistic talent take over Zukitwo Dark instead? - Dec 01 2012
Okay, thanks, I guess I'll live with it for now then. Hopefully the Thunderbird guys can fix it soon. - Dec 15 2011
I've just upgraded Thunderbird to 8.0 and it seems to have turned ugly in the Zukitwo Dark theme. For some reason (probably the Mozilla guys being "cool" and altering the styling of their widgets) the buttons as well as the menu bar are now dark, but the buttons are still light when I hover over them. I like the dark title bar and menu bar, but I don't like dark button bars.

Is there anything that can be done about this, or have Mozilla made a change that screwed something up in an unfixable way?

Thanks. - Dec 12 2011
Really? Great! Now I just need to go to all the hassle of installing a suitably new version of Unico on openSUSE and Fedora :\ - Oct 19 2011
If you do get a dark menu version of the theme then I'd love to see it. I've tweaked an old version of the theme (when it had dark menus) to fix a couple of oddities in GTK2, but haven't looked at GTK3 yet. Overall, the theme is great, but I think the move to light menus on the dark theme was the one bad choice. - Oct 19 2011
For anyone else who reads this:

No, I wasn't mixing this up, I just misread it. The menus are now pale, where as they were dark. I liked the dark ones. Now I need to find out how to get them back to dark :\ - Aug 04 2011
Sorry, was I mixing this up with another theme? I thought there was a "dark" variation with a dark grey menu stripe. - May 31 2011
There's only a few minor things I think this theme needs:

1) ChromeGtkFrame styling, so that the background area is the same as the menu bar colour ( It just seems right, since the normal menu blends in to the title bar)

2) Dark buttons in the Chromium menu. I don't know if it is just a bug in Chromium, but the spanner menu has buttons in, but they're pale grey with white text on a dark menu.

3) A minor fix for Totem. On Fedora 15 I've got a menu bar that is dark, but the menus themselves are light.

Thanks :) This is a great theme. - May 31 2011

Gnome Shell Themes 1 comment

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Sep 16 2012
Nice theme. It seems to work with Gnome 3.6, and is very nearly what I'm looking for in a replacement for Zukitwo (either until it is fixed for 3.6, or as a permanent replacement).

The only problem I've found is that the top bar is a bit bigger than Zukitwo (I think the date text is larger), the Alt+Tab doesn't show any highlighting (so I'm guessing as to what I'm about to Alt+Tab to) and the desktop previews are completely hidden when viewing the window list (I like to see my desktops).

The on/off switch is nice from a graphical point of view, but I don't think it is as clear and obvious from a usability point of view.

Still, IMO this is currently second only to a fixed Zukitwo theme. - Nov 23 2012
tango extras (many icons for tango)

Icon Sub-Sets 1 comment

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Apr 02 2009
I just tried the downloads and they no longer work. - Jan 23 2012

Beryl/Emerald Themes 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 19 2011
I don't use Emerald any more, but took a look anyway as I liked the non-standard title bar shapes.

Is this based on Overglass (particularly for the images)? If so, that theme is CC BY-NC-SA, so this theme should be SA'd as well :) - Sep 19 2011
Delta shell-black

Gnome Shell Themes 9 comments

by ejrn
Score 68.8%
Dec 15 2011
Does the theme itself have that annoying shine across the corner? I can't quite tell if the theme is what I want at the moment, and I don't want to mess around with downloading yet another theme if I could see I don't like it from the screenshot. As it is, the shine effect just interferes with the screenshots and adds nothing. - Jul 21 2011
Mac OS X

Full Icon Themes 17 comments

by Linx0
Score 59.4%
May 23 2011
Possibly. It depends whether Macbuntu is correct in using the GPL, or whether they're using the wrong license as well on Apple icons. - May 10 2011
If they're the actual icons from OS X (i.e. not recreations from scratch) then you need to contact Apple and agree a license. You can then redistribute them under whatever terms Apple agrees to. Chances are you won't get that agreement.

If they're recreations from scratch then you can put them under whatever license the original author distributed them under, but you may still have issues with Apple because of trademark and the like. Intellectual Property laws are odd and let people lay claim to all sorts of things, including appearances of things that don't have a single hour of work in common. - May 10 2011

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Apr 11 2011
Sorry, I'm not quite clear myself!

Basically, the borderless style is nice. I like how the screenshots look. If I use it on my desktop then it is too bright, though.

My normal window background colour is #A0A0A0. Your theme doesn't use that colour - it hard codes the colour. It would be nice if it did use the window background colour, but I wouldn't want the background of a Nautilus icon list to be dark grey as well.

It may be that my idea is impossible, because you can't have a borderless theme *and* having have both dark and light colours without it looking odd.

Even if my ideas aren't possible, this is still a nice theme for those who like things a bit brighter. - Apr 14 2011
I like the idea of the flat interface, but I'm not a "bright UI" man. I like my UI a bit more dark and gentle on the eyes (more of a mid-to-dark-grey). This one is pretty, but a bit too bright for my daily use.

It'd be nice if we could alter the colours of the background (rather than just the menu bar), but I'm not sure how that'd work with the Nautilus windows, since I still prefer my text areas to be white, but I do like the borderless appearance. - Apr 12 2011
all base distros stickers 4.1

Cliparts 67 comments

Score 77.7%
Mar 30 2011
What keeps changing with these stickers? I've seen them at the top of the list as "updated" about three or four times now, but I'm sure it has always been v4.1. - Mar 31 2011
simple icons libreoffice color tango

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

Score 70.0%
Mar 19 2011
Also, is there any chance you could make these as a full icon pack? (i.e. including optimised 16x16, 22x22, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48, and the appropriate folder structures). The SVGs are fine for a lot of uses, but correctly sized PNGs are good for where people already have existing icons. - Mar 22 2011
Are these application icons or document icons? The names look like app icons, but the images themselves look like they'd be great for documents. - Mar 21 2011
LibreOffice Faenza Icons [inofficial]

Icon Sub-Sets 24 comments

Score 81.2%
Mar 14 2011
Thanks for putting the link in the text :) - Mar 14 2011
Sorry, I think I prefer v2.1 of the icons. I use openSUSE with Tango icons and they just fit better. Any chance of putting the older pack up as a second download link so people can have a choice? - Mar 14 2011
LibreOffice Faenza Icons [inofficial]

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

Score 76.3%
Feb 06 2011
Personally, I'm not a big fan of Faenza icons. The square icon look is fine on the side of Unity, but I'd rather have normal icons everywhere else on my desktop.

This set, however, looks nice and works well because it is working with the square shape instead of against it. I'll be using them to replace my Tango icons for a bit of simplicity and colour, rather than the classic OOo logo with an overlay. - Feb 08 2011
Sonar Chrome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

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Jan 30 2011
I just make do with Chromium using my base window background colour in GTK mode rather than the full gradiented toolbar colour. It is close enough for me, and better than the default theme :)

It'd be nice if this theme could be done in a way that works with different colourings so that I could have a gradient on my dark grey, but I suspect that's a limitation of the Chromium theme engine. - Jan 31 2011
when I saw this listed then I wondered what the point was - I use a modified version of Sonar (darker grey without the green hint) and later versions of Chromium support a special gtkrc line that lets you set the tab area background colour to something else (see my Sonar Lighter theme:

This, however, is a nicely put together default Sonar theme with the standard green hues and some better tab differentiation than the default Chromium GTK theme. - Jan 31 2011

Metacity Themes 6 comments

Score 58.6%
Nov 23 2010
Thanks for the extra screenshots - the original desktop shot didn't give much of an idea as to what the overall set was like, but the second image is much better.

The GTK theme was mentioned indirectly (you said you needed Murrine) but it wasn't in the list of what was in the packages, so I wasn't sure if one was included or not.

As for the .tar.gz, I hadn't realise that that was what the "Fedora source" file was. As you mentioned Fedora then I'd not downloaded it, but had assumed it was an SRPM or something.

As for the RPM, I've got root access, but the more important point was that this is only a theme and so I don't *need* root access. If you can ever avoid using root then you should, especially for unsigned files (nothing personal, but anyone can put anything in an RPM on here, and the RPM can have an install script that does anything). IMO then getting people unnecessarily used to installing RPMs from unknown sources is a bad thing and will only lead to a Windows-esque security issue where anyone will run anything. The Appearances app, on the other hand, takes a .tar.gz and unpacks it appropriately with (as far as I know) no script execution and so is much safer for the downloader.

Thanks. - Nov 24 2010
Just a few things before download:

1) What does the Metacity actually look like?
2) What does the icon theme look like?
3) What GTK theme does it work well with?
4) Can we have it in proper packages (e.g. .tar.gz) for installation through the Appearances app on a per-user basis instead of packaging it in an RPM that needs root/sudo access? - Nov 24 2010
uniq v1

Beryl/Emerald Themes 5 comments

Score 72.2%
Nov 09 2010
I've just been looking, and I don't think it is possible. It looks like, which it is the QtCurve engine, the KDE QtCurve file format is different (more like a GTK theme and less like an INI file). Shame :\

Unless I missed something obvious...? - Nov 13 2010
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GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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9   May 31 2011
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9   Feb 08 2011
Sonar Chrome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff
by johonunu

Score 72.2%
9   Jan 31 2011
uniq v1

Beryl/Emerald Themes
by garthecho

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9   Nov 10 2010