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Enlightenment Themes
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
rElightable - recolorable E18 theme

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Dec 22 2019
Glad you like it, updated to the current theme version - Dec 22 2019
I talked to raster and he told me that all ELM widgets will not be affected by the color setting of E - so the ELM widgets can't be dynamically recolored to fit the theme.

If you want to get a fully recolored theme, you have to stick to the statically recolored version [url][url]

Anyways, i replaced some of the other color definitions with the "focus" color, such that now you should be able to recolor everything just by changing the focus color.

As always: if you find any bug or anything missing, just let me know! - Dec 26 2013

What widget(s) do you mean?
Most should be colored correctly (maybe i am overlooking something?)

One problem with edje is that I am unable to apply the color_class to text (therefor the text -for example in the menu- currently is white, in order to not interfere with the other colors). If anyone knows how to fix that, please contact me!

I am happy for any feeback. Just let me know if you find any wrong or missing colors (best if you tell me the widget type or how and where to find one to test it)! - Dec 25 2013

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Jan 01 2014
nice to see the good old b&w theme still matching the current E18. - Dec 26 2013

Screensavers 36 comments

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Feb 19 2010
took some time... but sure: here you are with a kde4 version! - Feb 19 2010
depending on your distribution, there might be some special place where to put the kglwatersaver.desktop file which makes kglwatersaver appear in the control panel.

default is /share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/

you might try to put it to your users kde dir:

(subdirectory ScreenSavers might not exist yet)

put the src/kglwatersaver.desktop file in this dir. Then this user should be able so see it in the control panel. - Nov 20 2004
as i am not sure what is the right dir in mandrake you might also try to put the kglwatersaver.desktop file in your home: ~/.kde/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/

now at least this user should see it in kcontrol...

well ... one thing i figured that is probably not 100% right in my kglwatersaver.desktop file, which you might also try to change:

open kglwatersaver.desktop in text editor (kwrite for example)

on line 5 it says:
Exec=kglwatersaver %i %m -caption "%c"

add ".kss" after kglwatersaver:
Exec=kglwatersaver.kss %i %m -caption "%c"

this shouldn't be used anyways .. but perhaps it causes the trouble...

well ... when looking at the rpm, there are

no idea what this does ... maybe try to move it away and see if this helps.

I guess a mandrake user would be of more help :-p - Oct 06 2004
Strange! ... but is the binary still installed? eg. can you run it from konsole:

If so, you should simply need to place the kglwatersaver.desktop file in the right folder to make it appear in kcontrol
(which is for me: /usr/kde/3.3/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/ - not sure where it is in mandrake ... just "kde-install-dir"/share/applnk/System/ScreenSavers/ )

Hope this helps - Oct 05 2004
Getting that many support and positive feedback, I enjoy presenting the refreshing version 0.6 of KGLWaterSaver, which comes with translation to german, spanish and brazilian portuguese as well as an extended configuration dialog (now with 3 effects to choose from)!

Have fun sinking your desktop. - Aug 24 2004
all up and running again! - Aug 23 2004
little server problem - fixed soon! - Aug 23 2004
Right now i don't have designer 3.2 reachable
(just a up-to-date gentoo user :)

but maybe it's enough to simply change the src/kglwatersaverui.ui:
< UI version="3.3" stdsetdef="1" >
< UI version="3.2" stdsetdef="1" >
(without the spaces near the brakets of course)

hope this helps
or maybe try opening/importing the .ui in your designer version and then re-save it. - Aug 17 2004
well, on the static screenshots you don't see too much - it's more impressive when running :) - Aug 17 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Nov 29 2009
after a long time without a kde-4 version of yakuake-sb patches: Here it is finally!

(the official yakuake now already has most of the more common features of the older patches - thanks to Eike Hein, the yakuake maintainer!)
But for some more geeky features (which probably shouldn't go into the official version) here are my patches for the kde-4 version. Hope you like it! - Nov 29 2009
Here you are.

I'm happy to see this patch evolve :)

Up to now it was simply like this: either use the patch with all its changes or use plain yakuake.
Now you can select which of the new features you want in the quick options menu.

Have fun with it! - Oct 14 2007
Ok, right.
Good point!

At first I did that patch primarily for my own use and to gather my ideas how to improve yakuake somehow. Therefore i tried to keep it as simple as possible. This makes it easy to merge it into newer versions of yakuake.

But it's good to get such feedback to see what others think about it.

I'll add a menu item for that! Stay tuned.

Any more feedback welcome :) - Oct 14 2007
Well, ok it's currently not possible to switch that off since I didn't see any point why it would be annoying :)

It's set to "below all other windows" if toggled up ... so usually it won't interfere with anything (except your desktop-background).
Or am I overlooking something here? - Oct 12 2007
ah - ok, now I get your point.
Apparently I never set yakuake to roll-out 100% but am using it normally at 'round 60%.

Of course you are to totally right - if you want it to cover the whole screen the title bar is wasting space.

What do you think - is it better to have another option item to enable/disable the title bar, or should it just vanish if set to roll out to 100% ? - May 10 2007
Well ... but - the titlebar acts as window below all others when rolled-up, such that it is only visible if either yakuake-sb is rolled-out in the foreground (and you probably mostly want to see the actual window/console/whatever titel then) or if you do not have any windows covering it. So in my opinion it doesn't waste any screen-space that could be used otherwise.

Or am I missing something?

Well ok, it decreases your visible backgroud wallpaper size by some pixels, thats true ... but is that really the point you are commenting on? - May 09 2007
khwrec - hand writing recognition (hwrec)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Mar 02 2006
seems as if the link to the ebuild is broken? - Aug 24 2006

System Software 61 comments

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Feb 28 2008
well even if the mail goal of Komparator seems to be a bit different to the goal of unison and therefore a comparison (notice the word-play :) of komparator and unison is not what one should go in first place, but still my 2cents:

I use unison for synchronizing my work/data files between different computers (laptop, desktop, remote university workstation) and its main strength is that it keeps track of the current status of the files and automatically generates a list of which files to update from A to B and which from B to A ... only thing I have to do is press "ok, I really want to update it like you suggested" after a short check if it sounds reasonable.

Now as far as I can see your approach is more like "on the fly" sync arbitrary folders with one folder as reference - so one needs some user interaction to get everything synced correctly (especially if some files changed on A und others on B)

But I guess the only way to get it "autodecide" is keeping a database of the files from the last sync (like unison does) ... not sure if this is to far away from the main goals of your project? So for now I stick to unison. - Mar 23 2006
KDE 3.3 K Way Splash-screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 7 comments

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Jul 29 2004
Well i didn't download it yet, but i guess the animation is like the other splash screens that the bottom symbols blink or something like that.

But when I saw the screenshot, I imagined the upper icons flying through the k-gear ... THIS would be a great splash screen! - Aug 17 2004

Enlightenment Themes
by verdegal37

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