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Andrey Shamakhov Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Plasma 4 Extensions

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Sep 20 2012
It should be time consuming, I think. I'll consider the question if just i'll in a mood for this. - Sep 25 2012
If you could add some option to the plasmoid, like binding the plasmoid to a specific konsole profile AND to launch an executable at boot (if i ask one for tab, am i asking too much?)

yep - Sep 25 2012
It is easy to find this plasmoid using KDE's "Get Hot New Stuff" service.

google is not a panacea :) - Apr 21 2010
Try to rebuild krosspython and pykde4 packages - Feb 04 2010
Plz, run the following command in terminal and post the results here:
plasmoidviewer Plasmacon
- Feb 04 2010
could you list which files exactly your script depends on? I'm trying to get it working on Gentoo and there is no "python-devel" package here.

In gentoo it depends on kde-base/plasma-workspace with USE="python". - Feb 04 2010
thanks, I have found this ( )discussion about (I think) the same problem. As I understand, the decision is in downgrading sip package. - Oct 09 2009
so the solution would be to port everything to c++

I thought about this solution too, but I can not to do it now due to lack of time. Maybe 2 or 3 weeks later I'll experiment with porting :) - Oct 09 2009
I have a question, hopefully, you can help me, in archlinux what packages contains: pykde, plasma python script-engine and python-devel?

No, I don't know. I never used archlinux.

I can install this plamoid but it does not works, when I launch it says this: "Failed to create a python script engine for the graphic element plasmacon"

Try to launch plasmoid with "plasmoidviewer Plasmacon" from console and post the result here.

- Oct 09 2009
Am I right about that?

Yes - Sep 20 2009
Possibly, the problem is in python 2.5, that is default for debian sid. I use python 2.6 in gentoo.

Try to change line 77 in ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/Plasmacon/contents/code/ file:

from "except ValueError as e:"
to "except ValueError, e:".

It works for my debian sid. - Sep 19 2009
I guess it is impossible now. My attempts to implement it was unsuccessful. - Sep 18 2009
Yes, thanks, I forgot about it :). It will be fixed soon. - Sep 07 2009
Any fresh suggestions? :) I could patch the source myself if you could hint me with an api solution.

No, still I don't have a suggestion. What do you mean under "hint with an api solution" ?)

Btw, when I boost the brightness and contrast on this screenshot you can easily notice a "No Text" label underneath the kosole part :) wtf?

lol, I don't know :) - Aug 24 2009
Also you should have python-dev package installed. But any way, I've launched Plasmacon in Debian just now and still it don't work correctly in Debian Sid. - Aug 21 2009
What is verison of KDE? I have such widget's appearence with Oxygen theme - Aug 21 2009
What is name of the desktop theme? - Aug 21 2009
Fixed. - Aug 21 2009
I have no idea where the current profile can be reset. I think it is possibly kde plasma's bug, but it is only my thought. - Aug 21 2009
You should install plasma python script-engine. Try to find it in your repository by keywords "plasma" and "python". - Aug 08 2009
Please, run the following command in console and post the results here:

plasmoidviewer Plasmacon - Aug 07 2009
1. Instead of removing plasmoid i think it should restart console session, so if i some day add this plasmoid i won't need to readd it any time soon.

There are two different commands: "clear" and "exit". I don't think it is good if they will do the same action.

2. speaking of tabs support - imho the "tab bar" takes a bit too much space, if it could be made to look a bit smaller it will be great.

I haven't thought about it yet. If it is possible, it will be done.

3. still i want to have it as "desktop container" just like folderview can be. This shouldn't be to hard to do, i hope.

hm, if I understand how it should be implemented, I'll try to do it.

thanks again for great work.

Thank you too for your comments. - Aug 06 2009
It is really weird. I can not imagine where the problem is. - Jul 31 2009
On my mind, it should be much more difficult, then implementation of any plasmoid. - Jul 14 2009
Maybe. If there are no updates for "Run Command", I'll think about it 1 ot 2 weeks later - Jul 14 2009
then closing konsole session - it doesn't restart one, so u get empty plasmoid.

Thanks, I'll think how to fix it.

Console as a desktop container - interesting idea, but IMHO there will be no big differences between console as a plasmoid and console as a desktop container. Maybe I'm wrong ... - Jul 13 2009
You should use plasmoid's real name when you run it with plasmoidviewer. For example, "plasmoidviewer Plasmocon".

About desktop container: can you give me examples of desktop container? I don't know what it is and googling doesn't help. - Jul 13 2009
Hi. If I've understood you correctly, you are talking about ability to minimize the widget to icon, aren't you? If so, I think it is possible and i'll try to implement this:)

2all: thank you for your comments. - Jul 12 2009
Hi. According to (gmail-plasmoid description, note section) you need to install the plasma python script-engine, that's name depends on your distribution. - Jul 08 2009