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Irving Rafael Herrera Salinas
KDE 3.x Splash Screens
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mplayer plug-in

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Aug 17 2005
Ok, but you can use mplayer commands like / or * (dont worry, meaby in the next version). - Aug 19 2005
Well, actualy the plug-in have some problems with konqueror and the painting (some videos of, but if you relly need to use it on konqueror, download another version or download kmplayer. - Aug 17 2005
Well, meaby is because the buffering don't get the 100%, I suggest you stop the movie when mplayer start and wait the 100% of the buffering - Jun 05 2005
thanks for the links but it was rude post it so many times, now you can use the Suse link again. - May 30 2005
sorry but in this moment the link to the official package of suse isnt there any more, if you find a suse package or a tar.gz of this software please post it - May 30 2005
it current support konqueror but if this version dont work you can try with a old one, I suggest this link:

it have all the versions of this project.

if this don't work post the stack trace that report KDE, you can also use this command in a X terminal:
strace konqueror

I need to know the problem to help you :-) - May 28 2005
if you have this problem with the debian package you only need to type this command as root:

apt-get -f install

if you have any problem (excluding the auto upgrade and problems with old broken packages) post it. - May 28 2005
again my apologise for the link to the debian package, now you can enjoy this plug-in in your debian or ubuntu, be sure of see all the documents in this package and visit this page:

if you have any problem post it

P.D.- if you can't wait to try this beutifull software download the source package, but be sure that you have the libsx-dev and the gtk devel packages,
I sugest to check auto-apt :-) - May 26 2005
sorry about the dead link but now the suse link works, so if someone else have suse don't worry you can download this master pice of the open source software.

enjoy it! - May 26 2005

Wallpaper Other 14 comments

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Jul 26 2005
I think is a nice wallpaper, in fact I will use it in my main desktop. - Jul 26 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

by Unix
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Jun 06 2005
I think is nice to have BSD things too, I am a linux user but sice BSD have KDE I don't see anything wrong in this post.

Great Job :-) - Jun 07 2005

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Oct 30 2004
I think is a good image but, you know,
ADV films have the rights of evangelion so be careful in the future and don't care
just check the licence - Nov 02 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 3 comments

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Oct 04 2004
thanks for look all in this package =) - Oct 04 2004