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Ivan ÄŒukić Beograd, Serbia
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Dec 31 2012
I wouldn't say that it looks at all like win7's one - the only similarity I see is the top border. You don't have the vertical stripes, and you have a horizontal gradient. :)

For me, the Win7 panel (as seen on the screenshots, haven't tested it) is pug ugly... - Jan 21 2009
I wasn't talking about blurring the background (although that is another issue) but blurring needed for the task button effect. - Jan 21 2009
This looks awesome, especially with your wallpaper (with one exception - the /normal/ background - I would remove the background from normal items).

I'm not sure whether it is possible* though, and what it would look like on vertical panels.

* Qt's SVG rendering is not comparable to Inkscape's, so (last time I checked) blur didn't work - so it would have to be faked which is a bit difficult. - Jan 20 2009
I don't want to sound rude or anything, but... no

If you want it, just make it, creating plasma themes is a breeze. - Jan 20 2009
I've always thought of the analogue desktop clock as a fashion detail, and haven't considered that someone would actually use it :) (look at the Glaze theme for proof :) )

I agree with you, I'll see what will be best way to do this. Cheerio! - Jan 19 2009
Unfortunately, the popup applet is hard-coded not to show one of the edges, so I'm powerless to do anything for that :( - Jan 06 2009
Could you elaborate? Two red arrows and a screenshot really doesn't mean much... - Jan 04 2009
"does not convince me finish"???? - Nov 30 2008
Thanks, I had to improve it a bit since I saw many screenshots of people still using it :) - Nov 28 2008
I haven't used mac neither :) I just like having the important information on the top - running applications, clock... (I used to put the system tray down though, but got lazy to create so many panels - had 4 at one point :) ) - Nov 24 2008
Hvala, domo arigato, gracie, danke, merci... and thanks :) - Nov 24 2008
If I think of something for shutdown dialogue, I'll do it, although I don't find it an important part since it is not something you look at often :) (at least it shouldn't be)

Concerning the cutting of the extenders, as far as I know, it is *very* intentional (I wasn't involved in the development, but I followed it closely).

Cheerio! - Nov 22 2008
Bare Naked

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Aug 23 2017
What version of KDE are you using? - Jan 21 2009
The problem with the panel is that it uses the mask of the image to set the X mask, so it the image is completely transparent, panels is completely masked out.

It is cool to try to make the upper half of the panel transparent while the lover part is solid - the icons will get truncated :)

The solution (thanks to yours truly) is to make another set of elements - prefixed with 'mask-' in the SVG file that will define the mask you wish.

Or, naturally, you could use a hack to make the elements /almost/ but not completely transparent...

p.s. If you need any help on theming Lancelot, just ask. Cheerio! - Jan 20 2009

Plasma Themes 18 comments

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Jan 31 2009
This is awesome! - Jan 17 2009
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
On kdialogd.cpp:394, relpace the (int) cast to (void *) since this way it fails to compile on 64bit systems with this error:
error: cast from ‘KDialog*’ to ‘int’ loses precision - Nov 01 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 109 comments

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Jul 10 2009
Thanks, it's fixed now in the 4.1 branch. (tbh, I don't know how it happened since that line existed in the trunk and was empty in branch...) - Oct 16 2008
(ln -s /where/you/installed/kde/bin/lancelot $HOME/.kde4/Autostart) - Oct 04 2008
It seems that invoking via qdbus doesn't check for the service and doesn't automatically start the lancelot binary.

So, the solution is to start the binary manually on session start. - Oct 04 2008

"If you have the KDE 4.1.x, do the following:

$ export KDESVN=svn://
$ svn co $KDESVN/branches/work/lancelot/kde4.1-backport lancelot"

You are trying to compile the trunk version on 4.1.x KDE.
- Oct 02 2008
p.p.s. Please, before replying, get to know the subject you're speaking of. In this case, try reading something about D-Bus services. - Sep 22 2008
p.s. Would you consider a bug in Firefox, if you installed it in /opt/some/strange/path/to/firefox and it didn't show itself in KMenu because the environment can not find its .desktop file? - Sep 22 2008
I'm glad to hear that - Sep 22 2008
As I said, Lancelot doesn't look in the /usr/share/... - Lancelot doesn't need to nor uses that file.

D-Bus daemon does. That file shows the D-Bus daemon where Lancelot is located. So, that file need to be in a location where the D-Bus daemon can find it?

You get it now? - Sep 22 2008
Did you use the latest code from SVN branch for KDE 4.1? Is it the 1.0.3 (you can find the version in app/src/AboutData.cpp)?

If yes, then post your make install here. - Sep 20 2008
I don't want to sound rude, but you would consider something a bug in Lancelot because your D-Bus is installed in a way that it can not find the Lancelot's service file?

Strange reasoning, I must say. - Sep 20 2008
p.s. Does the applet work, but shows no menu? If yes, see - Sep 19 2008
The 1.0.x versions are for KDE 4.1, not the SVN (the reason you can not compile 1.0).

But, that doesn't mean you should have problems with the SVN version.

Please post the make install output (via pastebin, not directly here) - Sep 19 2008
btw. it works for me with 8px font. - Sep 16 2008
This is cool :)

Well, you don't need to *use* plasma in order to use Lancelot. You need to have kde4libs, latest libplasma and taskmanager library from kdebase.

To invoke (open) Lancelot manually, just call
qdbus org.kde.lancelot /Lancelot show 0 0

(replace 0 0 with the position where you want it to pop up - according to your screenshot, it could be
qdbus org.kde.lancelot /Lancelot show 0 1024
to show in the bottom left corner.

Cheerio! - Sep 16 2008
Please file this under with a very detailed description. - Sep 16 2008
Well... not without some significant effort.

You could have it installed on your system* and make shortcuts (or even make a kicker applet) that invoke Lancelot through the d-bus.

For example, to show it in the top left corner, you'd have to call:
qdbus org.kde.lancelot /Lancelot show 0 0

* please note that although you wouldn't need to use KDE 4.x, you would still need kde4libs and workspace libraries installed.
* the other thing to note is that I don't know whether the Contacts section would work with older kmail and kopete. (maybe the d-bus interface has changed) - Sep 15 2008
No, nothing that I know of. :) - Sep 15 2008
Wide icon as in not-really-an-icon? :) Well, the icons should have the same width and height in general. You could modify the image - canvas size or something like that in Gimp. - Sep 14 2008

1. I don't get the reason behind 'big+small icons are visually difficult to work with'. They make the categories visually different from applications, which in turn makes them have higher usability.

2. This would be a technical problem because the menu itself have no idea where the applet is located. This is due to the fact that you can have more than one applet in different locations on the screen, or you can have none at all, but you always have only one menu application running. (Or you could have a AWN-dock plugin that launches Lancelot etc.) - Sep 12 2008
You should contact the author of the package. liblancelot should be included in the package like it is in the code repository. There is a possibility that the package maker have separated lib from app though. - Sep 12 2008
Hvala :) - Sep 12 2008
Glad you like it :) - Sep 05 2008
Wow, cool. The basic d-bus command is
qdbus org.kde.lancelot /Lancelot show xcoo ycoo

Where the xcoo and ycoo are coordinates where you want to show it.

if you want to play with categories as well, just look at the
app/src/LancelotApplication.h - Sep 05 2008
You'll have to be much more specific :) - Sep 04 2008
Thanks :) - Sep 01 2008
No offence was taken, maybe I just sounded a bit short and short-tempered. (I apologise if this post also sounds like that :) )

1. Lancelot is very hard to classify as a Plasmoid, and that is the reason it is not in the Plasmoids section. It contains a completely separate application based on Plasma (the menu itself) and two applets - Plasmoids (launcher and parts)... I think that it is enough to say that Lancelot is one fifth of Plasma in size (counting source lines 11k vs 55k lines), while most Plasmoids are in one or two short .cpp files.

> "undermines everything that plasma is"
This is a very strange sentence. (not to mention that it is not coming from an actual Plasma developer, or am I mistaken?)

> "independence of distribution"
Lancelot is "independent of distribution" just like any other part of KDE. It should be able to run wherever Plasma and Kickoff can run.

Lancelot is - like Plasma (both the desktop and the library, and most of the default applets) - written in C++. Do you want to say that the Plasma desktop should also be written in some other language?

"and easy installing through the build-in menu"
I agree that this is a very, very cool feature, but saying that it is "everything that plasma is
made for" is utterly wrong. The fact that you can install scripted Plasmoids in that way is just a side-effect that we had the GHNS2 system built into KDE.


With that all said, there are numerous technical reasons behind having Lancelot as a C++ application.

First and the most important is the speed.

- Sep 01 2008
Thanks :)

Just a note - Kickoff is a name of SuSE's menu that is now the default one in KDE 4.x. It is not a synonym of application launcher interface (or the more accustomed term /menu/)

Cheerio! - Aug 30 2008
Well, Lancelot is much more than a widget... It's like saying that Amarok is a widget because it uses Plasma...

Lancelot will be shipped with kdeplasma-addons in KDE 4.2, so every major distribution will have its own packages. - Aug 30 2008
OpenSUSE packages added... - Aug 27 2008
Tarball added... - Aug 27 2008
Do you mean that there is no theme applied? If yes, then update L from the latest SVN. (and check if it installs a bunch of svg or svgz files) - Aug 27 2008
Something's wrong with the installation - do you have the menu which allows you to choose what applet you want to use to display the dropped data? - Aug 27 2008
When the application for a project at sf passes, you'll have the sources available for download from there. - Aug 27 2008
KPlanetaryMenu [idea]

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 12 comments

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Aug 30 2008
... this idea would work very good for a smaller set of categories and applications. - Aug 30 2008
Quick backup and restore files

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