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Peter Liedler Vienna, Austria

Screensavers by Andi 41 comments

i linke this screensaver! Wonder why it is not yet in the standard screensaver package. good work. - Dec 02 2006
Kubuntu toon

Wallpapers Kubuntu by Pikao 2 comments

I always wanted to have a suiting wallpaper, well this is IT! - Feb 28 2006
GTPY - ImageResizer

Graphic Apps by Gacha 18 comments

Hi there. Go on. It is great. I was looking for a simple program to resize loads of images since I switched from windows (with irfanview) to linux. I know that irfanview runs with wine, but this is better!! - Dec 29 2005

Utilities by nickprotopapas 31 comments

Obviously you are using ubuntu, just like me. The library dvd_udf.h is located in /usr/include/dvdnav and not dvdread. So just copy it to /usr/lib/dvdread as root (sudo cp /usr/include/dvdnav/dvd_udf.h /usr/include/dvdread/dvd_udf.h) or change the source code to this directory. - Sep 13 2005