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Simon Lang
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Maybe Breeze Emotes

Emoticons 1 comment

Rating: 6.2
Sep 29 2014
it just does not work in kopete - only error boxes are shown in the chatwindow instead of icons.
only after i convert all svg files to png files and add them manually, it works. - Dec 12 2014

System Software 175 comments

Rating: 7.3
May 05 2019
peazip: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

the workarrounds via google won't work for me either.
kinda sad as i would have loved to try it out, need an archiver which supports drag+drop of multiple folders/files from the opened zip file to a folder. ark does not support this and it's annoying. - Dec 09 2014
K-High-Delight+K-Art-Delight (New)

Icon Themes 35 comments

Rating: 7.2
Oct 26 2014
this is - easily - the best complete folder/icon-set for kde ever to find.
one question though: wasn't there a green and brown folder in an older icon set? it does not seem to be there anymore. - Dec 09 2014
Galaxy Forms

Wallpaper Other
by daveyboy

Rating: 7.0
Dec 10 2014
Rating: 6.5
Dec 10 2014
Rating: 7.0
Dec 10 2014
Rating: 6.2
3   Dec 12 2014
Rating: 7.2
8   Dec 09 2014