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John Schneiderman Warsaw, Poland, United States of America

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Aug 19 2008
Can you please submit a bug report on the website, so we can address this properly. Link is found on the official website. - Jul 07 2010
What version are you running? - Jul 06 2010
Sorry for the late reply. I'm not familiar with Ubuntu's set-up. But if you have all the development packages for Qt to C++ the instructions should be the same. - Jul 06 2010
Instructions for compiling can be found in the file INSTALL. - Jun 10 2010
Ah, that is a known issue. That should be addressed with the next release. - Sep 05 2008
I will look into the Ace being incorrectly played as being low. It should be played as being high. Please, also submit a bug report on our development site. - Sep 04 2008
This is true. :D - Aug 06 2007
I don't have an install of Ubuntu, but I assume it's like Debian. Make sure you have all the QT related packages installed. Then it should compile just fine. - Aug 05 2007
Hmmm, I cannot reproduce this on my 32-bit Mandriva system. My best guess would be it's a library problem with QT 3. - Mar 17 2007
Found the problem. When the tarball was made, the distclean was not ran before the tarball creation. This resulted in half the could already being built. A new tarball fixing this issue has been uploaded.

Thank you very much for bringing it to my attention, sorry for the trouble. - Mar 16 2007
I do not know why that error is apperaing. I'll start tracking it down. In the mean time, I found if you do a:

make distclean

it will compile for you. Let me know if that worked for you too. - Mar 16 2007
As long as you have the QT libraries installed you should have no trouble using it in GNOME. Let me know if you have any problems, we have a low-traffic users mailing list if you have any trouble. - Dec 29 2006
Sorry, the installation instructions are in the INSTALL file. But they are mostly specific to compiling straight from the CVS. But it does list the dependencies needed. - Nov 21 2006
What distribution are you running?
Can you check to be sure you have the development packages listed in the Readme. Where are you running the make command from? - Nov 21 2006
We're actually planning on porting to QT4/KDE4 when the main distributions (Fedora, Suse, Mandriva) start shipping with it, we made this decision because we are a young project and it's hard to get people to test your software if they have to install their base system. If I'm mistaken here, we would certainly reconsider that decision. When I started out on this project I did look at KPat, but I couldn't really find a way to add the goals of KardsGT in with KPat. We would have to radically alter the programme. It also seems that KPat is meant to be an all-patience game in one, and KardsGT as a project currently does not plan on making any patience games. It seems that KPat uses the standard KDE artwork, so when we move to QT4/KDE4 we will definitely be sharing the art work. :) Thanks for your interest, and comments, they're always appreciated. - Nov 17 2006
It should work with Fedora Core, I'm not using any Mandriva specific stuff. - Oct 15 2006
Thanks for the quick reply.
Do we play by different rules?
Nope, we play by Hoyle's rules.
Each 15 (there's 4) are worth 2 each for a total of 8 plus the pair of 6's (also worth 2 points) for a total of 10.
That is the correct count. I still can't seem to replicate your bug, though. When I setup the same hands you've listed, I do produce the right score on the cribbage board. I look forward to your e-mail, hopefully we'll track down this problem.

John - Jun 11 2006
If you have 7S 6C 6D 9C 2C, I can generate the following valid combinations of 15:
7C 6C 2C
7S 6D 2C
9C 6C
9D 6D , would you please list the remaining 6?

I've added a task to allow the game to be maximised.

I can't replicate your inability to close or exit from the game.
If you find more bugs in the future I would greatly appreciate it if you filed the bug reports at our site, I don't check here for bug reports. Thanks, John - Jun 11 2006