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Jamie Michelle , USA
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Computing Machine

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Apr 16 2020
Thank you, Emalvi! I'm glad you like it! - Apr 15 2020
Hi, Magistryoda. Thank you for your interest. I don't know a great deal about the Cinnamon desktop environment or what would be required to theme it. Just getting the GTK+ 3 portion of the Computing Machine theme up to its present mega-awesome state was quite the task. However, one should still be able to use this theme for the GTK+ 2/3 and Qt 4/5 applications on Cinnamon.

Of course, anyone is free to modify this theme to suit their own purposes. - Feb 08 2020
Thank you, Bealsc! - Dec 17 2019
Thank you for the compliment, Herto! I myself don't care for flat themes, but others are welcome to modify this theme however they wish. If it's not a theme that I create for my own usage, then I'm unlikely to create it. - Dec 17 2019
Thank you, Radexkde! Now the GTK+ 3 portion of the theme is even far better! - Nov 13 2019
Thank you, Aravisian! - Oct 09 2019
Yay! - Aug 21 2019
Thank you, Bravocado! - Aug 21 2019
You're welcome, Bealsc! - Aug 21 2019