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Jan van Leeuwen Freistadt, Austria
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps by amantia 72 comments

Quanta is still mich in use, it would be nice if the one or the other developer would start working on it again. A port to KDE 4 would be of great help.
I guess there are users enough that will support this, I would certainly. - Mar 31 2012

Database by miketa 10 comments

Have it installed but get an empty screen!
Anyone have an idea? - Mar 07 2004

Database by miketa 10 comments

Could someone please tell me how to install Rekall. I downloaded it, installed RPM with Suse 9.0 prof and Yast and am looking for the scriptfile "configure" but can't find it.

Or does someone know a simple way to:
- append a dbf-database (100.000 records)
- sort this dbf-database to a new one
- sort out a part to a new database
- use this dbf-database for lookups

If this works then Linux is fully funktional for our buisiness.

Thanks for any responds at - Mar 01 2004