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Jason Macaree , United Kingdom
Wallpaper Other
Plasma Color Schemes
Warty 12.04

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

Score 53.3%
May 12 2012

Glad you like it (finally!) - May 12 2012
Appologies to those that have tried & failed to download it earlier.

Lets hope its ok now *crosses fingers* - May 12 2012

QtCurve 7 comments

Score 70.0%
May 03 2012
Glad you like it.
Great icons by the way!

I tried to edit the description on some art before and everything messed up, so a bit concerned about doing an edit, to give you credit.

If anyone else wants the Mak-LionTaste Icon set you can find it here: - May 04 2012
Thanks :-)

Glad you like it. - May 01 2012
Actually, it may be an import button, then the load button. I forget at the moment, as I'm not at my computer. - May 01 2012
You need to install bespin first:

One you've installed, go to System Settings>Application Appearance>Style and select Bespin. Click the configure button. Now click the load button and add the downloaded .bespin file. Click ok and you're done.

Hope that helps. - May 01 2012