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Apr 07 2013
The timeline issue (clips moving anywhere) is a packaging issue - updated packages should be available soon. If titles do not work, make sure you also have the latest 0.5 version of MLT. - Feb 21 2010
In Kdenlive 0.7.3, the crop and zoom features are available as effects. The "Crop" effect allows you to black out the border of the image, while the "Pan and Zoom" effect allows you to move and resize it. - Apr 16 2009
Looks like there is a problem with your MLT installation in /usr/lib. How did you install MLT ?

It would probably be better to remove & reinstall MLT, then recompile Kdenlive - Oct 07 2008
Need some more infos... when does the crash happen? at each startup ? did you compile Kdenlive / MLT by yourself or from packages... This is probably a problem in your MLT install. If you want help, please send a mail with these infos to the kdenlive-devel mailing list: - Jan 03 2007
Ok, then maybe add /usr/lib above the /usr/local/lib line. Unless you are running on a 64bit distro, that should fix it... - Dec 21 2006
If you add the recommanded line at the end, it shouldn't harm the other programs. Should look like this:

include /etc/*.conf

Then again "ldconfig" as root - Dec 20 2006
That's a small ubuntu issue. As root, edit the file /etc/ or create it if it doesn't exist.

add the following line to it:


Save it and run the command (as root again):

Kdenlive should start fine after that. - Dec 19 2006
Looks like you didn't install MLT++. Please check our wiki to make sure you have the required dependencies and use the recommanded configure options: - Dec 05 2006
Link fixed, thanks - Dec 04 2006
Nice to have some people making packages! Just one comment: from what I saw, the MLT and MLT++ Ark packages are version 0.2.1. Kdenlive works much better with version 0.2.2 of MLT and MLT++ that were released at the same time as Kdenlive (for example audio mixing and image thumbnails probably don't work with mlt 0.2.1)...
So it would be better if users could upgrade their MLT and MLT++... - Jun 02 2006
Yes, it can do multi track audio. Currently there are 3 video tracks and 2 audio tracks in the timeline, but we plan to make this configurable.
Audio clips can be put on any of the five tracks... - Jun 02 2006