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Openbox Themes 6 comments

by jcsl
Score 67.1%
Jan 25 2014
Yes, I think padding is needed, problem is that it is not (yet) configurable. You can send a feature request so they implement this as an option. The link to ask for this is in this page: - Feb 18 2014

Glad you like it! I think I cannot make the border thinner, osd.border.width is 1. If I make it thinner the border dissapear. The problem seems to be the padding between the border and the inner content (Alt+Tab items). It is 3 pixels vertically and horizontally, and I see no settings to modify its value (something like window.client.padding.width). If I'm wrong just tell me how can it be done and I'll change it without problem. If I remember correctly, I did try to make it thinner when I created the theme, but I couldn't.

Greetings. - Feb 17 2014

Be-Shell/Bespin 6 comments

by jcsl
Score 63.3%
Oct 15 2011

It is obconf. See

Greetings. - Oct 25 2011

It is a conky+lua script a made sometime ago. If you want I can put it here to download.

Greetings. - Oct 25 2011