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Jeff Gao

System Software by soulrebel 28 comments

I noticed that KPort does not detect some important make variables correctly. E.g., on my FreeBSD-5.4 the dependencies of x11-toolkits/qt33 say "XFree86-libraries" instead of "xorg-libraries", which is the default (also what I am using) on FreeBSD-5.x.

Also, KPort does not know the changes of port names caused by different options. E.g., x11-toolkits/qt33 is qt-3.3.4 by default, but its name can change to qt-copy-3.3.4 if you choose the option "KDE patches" by doing a make config. Another similar example is editors/vim, which could be vim-6.... or vim-gtk2-6...., depending on user's options.

I guess these limitations are caused by not parsing some Makefile includes, including files in /usr/ports/Mk/, stored user options in /var/db/ports/, and also settings in /etc/make.conf

But nevertheless, KPorts is a good start to give users nice GUI to the ports system. Keep up your good work! - May 26 2005

System Software by soulrebel 28 comments

The configure script included is an old one with known bugs to FreeBSD. It cannot detect correct PTHREAD_LIBS value if it should be -pthread. You will get something like:

checking for pthread_create in -l-pthread... no
checking for pthread_create in -lpthread... yes

while running it on FreeBSD-5.4. But the correct flag should be -pthread not -lpthread. This problem was introduced sometime around KDE-3.3 and was fixed later.

So I suggest that you use a more up-to-date configure script (or admin directory), or apply patch from FreeBSD ports: /usr/ports/x11/kde3/files/extrapatch-old_configure

This seems to be trivial but actually not. It may cause strange threading-related crashes. - May 26 2005