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Jeremy Crabtree
Elegant AWN

Gnome Screenshots by JeremyLC 4 comments

It is called oxy-white, it looks like it comes from here: - May 25 2011
JLC UNR Shiki Grey

Various Gnome Stuff by JeremyLC 3 comments

I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. It should only be used with the 2.x launcher, since the 1.x launcher was a drastically different design. - Apr 02 2010
Asus EEE 1000H PC Netbook Remix

Gnome Screenshots by BradTaylor 2 comments

He is running the 1.x version of the netbook launcher. It sounds like you are running the 2.x launcher. They simplified a LOT of things in the 2.x launcher and removed the places on the right-hand side. - Apr 02 2010