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Jérôme CHATILLON , France

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Apr 10 2008

I saw your message about GeoConveyor. I also like the way of the program is designed, i would like to use the base, to process my data (physic mesurements).

Do you have any idea of how to add my own data, and how plugin ?

The author doesn't answer my questions... :( - Apr 23 2010

Did you had any news from the author ?
I would love use this app, so if you have any informations :)

Thank you. - Jan 05 2010
I download the source code and compile it :) -> Success :)

I really love the way you code your program. I'm playing with lidar data and now i would like to implement my functions into your software because i think the interface is really nice and usefull.

Do you have an "how to" to implement a new function (plugin) and a new file format and data type. - Dec 31 2009