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Joel Teixeira Fortaleza, Brazil

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Jan 18 2011

Thanks for your answer, but I think I wasn't clear about this problem or I just did not understand what exacly you mean. The icon I want to change is the icon on system tray, not the icon on Kickoff menu.

"You need to modify your KDE icon theme directory for clementine , not plasma themes."

I copied the changed the amarok.svgz to clementine.svgz at ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/Fushigi/icons

I changed also the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/64x64/apps/application-x-clementine.png

files, but this changed only the Kickoff icon, not the tray.

"Launch it in terminal you'll see messages like "cannot load clementine-grey" or so"

I can see this messages:
Couldn't load icon "clementine-panel"
Couldn't load icon "clementine-panel-grey"
Couldn't load icon "find"

But where exacly should I put this files. I tryied already on theme folder but no sucess.

Thank you again.

- May 04 2011

I already tryed to cp amarok.svgz to clementine.svgz but no success.

Please tell me how can I use the amarok.svgz icon to clementine. - May 01 2011