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Jiin Yaroon
superkaramba for SuSE 9.x RPM

Karamba & Superkaramba 14 comments

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Jul 18 2004
Hello Josephine,

Yes, not it works :-) thank You very much, great work - vielen Dank... - May 20 2004
that's the result here:
error: superkaramba-0.33b-6SuSE9.i586.rpm: MD5 digest: BAD Expected(a87fd0e9ea466ff97e2a74be68444d45) != (14af0d47ab076c767ec28b2bee8a161a)
error: superkaramba-0.33b-6SuSE9.i586.rpm cannot be installed
----------------------- - May 20 2004

i've tried to download and install this rpm, but there could be an error in this rpm, 'cause it's not installable. Please check it again - thank you :-) - May 20 2004
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
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Jun 01 2008
Hello Matt,

i've downloaded the source and compiled this, now superkaramba works great - thank You very much :) - May 11 2004
Hello Matt,

this are the results on my installed system:
-----------------------, i've downloaded superkaramba 0.32 as RPM for SuSE 8.2 , because there is no RPM for 9.1 existent at the moment...should i complile the source? what do You think? - May 11 2004

i'm using SuSE 9.1 and KDE 3.2.2, tried to use this superkaramba-theme, but nothing to see on my desktop, the only thing i can do, is to click with the right mousebutton on the menu, thats all, but the graphics are invisible - can someone help? - May 11 2004
i've used GMXX0140 - Sep 06 2003
ok, tried a location with BBC instead of, and now it works. What's that? - Sep 05 2003
some minutes ago i've started superkaramba from the terminal and loaded liquid weather. This following messages cames after that:
Fatal Error; Cannot connect to site or load old data
Call to commandOutput failed
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1324, in commandOutput
File "", line 975, in widgetUpdated
File "", line 727, in getWeather
NameError: global name 'weather' is not defined
------------- - Sep 05 2003
oh sorry, i've forgotten to write, yes, i've used the rpm's for updates, nothing's recompiled and no error-messages until yet...i don't understand it :-( - Sep 05 2003
well, i'm using SuSE 8.2 and had no problems using this cool karamba theme. But unfortunally, since i've had updated KDE3 up to KDE 3.13, i have problems using liquid weather. At this moment, i've updated superkaramba up to 0.32 and the newest version from liquid weather, but even i try to start this theme, only the background-graphic shows up, nothing helps, i've tried to give the exact code for my city and reload, but nothing happens. Who can help? - Sep 05 2003

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 19 2003
very nice, but how did You create the glass under KPov? - Nov 19 2003
Emperor's New Desktop

Wallpaper Other 16 comments

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Feb 24 2004
well, this wallpaper is shown as update, but what has updated there? or is it to bring this wallpaper on top again? - Nov 07 2003
iTunes Style - Desk

KDE Plasma Screenshots 2 comments

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Oct 29 2003
nice! what icons are used? - Oct 29 2003

KDE 3 Color Schemes 10 comments

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Oct 29 2003
uuuaaaaaahhhh i'm blind, i've forgotten to use my sunglasses *hahahaha* :o) - Oct 25 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 233 comments

by ceebx
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Oct 17 2003
great work!! i'm using this on KDE3.2 Alpha 2 :) but i have a suggestion for this, is it possible to create a variation of plastic which looks like the Longhorn-Style? here's a screenshot i've found on here's the picture:

what do You think? - Oct 17 2003
KDE Krystal

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 9 comments

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Oct 14 2003
yes, the wireframe-render are really cool :-) You've asked me, which programs i used for the glow. It's simple, first i've duplicated the kde and merged the second kde model under the first, but with another material, a material with glow. And the rest i did in Gimp, selected the blue part and made a glow with a fading selection and a second layer. And at last i've copied the whole picture as new layer and used a motion blur effect (zoom) on this... that's all... - Oct 14 2003
yes, would be nice ;-) i had modelled a gear some time ago, but this model doesn't load correctly into moonlight - i don't know, why.. thank You again. May i can built this into my newest wallpaper, look here: - Oct 14 2003
great work! do You have the model of the gear in dxf-format? i'm using moonlight atelier under the linux-env. and this program can't import most model-formats...
so, if You want, here's my mail-address: thank You! - Oct 14 2003

KDE Plasma Screenshots 21 comments

by Phemt
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Jan 13 2004
Hi, i've installed KDE3.2 Alpha on my SuSE8.2 System, but i can't see any dropshadows under the Icons. How did You make it? - Oct 07 2003
KDE 3.2 wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 3 comments

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Oct 07 2003
sure, please wait some minutes, i will upload a 1600x1200px-Version ok? :o) - Oct 07 2003

Ice-WM Themes 6 comments

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Oct 04 2003
You can find MacOS X Themes here: - Oct 06 2003
the gadgets are great, would be nice to have them with a brushed background as seen here: - Oct 05 2003
Blue Glass

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

by Orbu
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Oct 06 2003
Yes, would be great! here's my E-Mail-Address: thank You :-) - Oct 04 2003
love it! where did You have the 3D-Model? is it in a dxf-format? - Oct 03 2003
Pleiades Bound, Orion Loosed

Wallpaper Other 90 comments

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Oct 28 2003
well Tim, what's the truth? do You think, there's the one and only truth? *lol*
but hey! this is a linux-page, not something to mission for god or christ blabla, think about it, ok? - Sep 23 2003
Debian WP II Glow V2

Wallpapers Debian 4 comments

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Sep 17 2003
mhh.. do You think, it's pink? i've made it with purple colors, maybe my monitor is too old *hahaha* sorry :-) i will create some color variations in the next days, ok? - Sep 17 2003
glowin Symbol (Debian)

Wallpapers Debian 2 comments

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Sep 16 2003
Thank You :-) i think i will change this wallpaper tomorrow, the debian logo may be a little bit smaller, the glow too. And maybe i should create some particles, what do You think? - Sep 16 2003
Debian WP

Wallpapers Debian 2 comments

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Sep 16 2003
Thank You for this nice Comment :-) - Sep 16 2003
Gorilla K Wallpapers

Wallpaper Other 8 comments

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Aug 12 2003
nice Background :-) but can You tell me, what kind of calendar on the screenshot it is? is it a karamba-theme? - Aug 12 2003
KDE-Look Watcher modified

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

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Aug 08 2003
Hey arrack99, i have to thank You for this great Theme! :-) - Aug 07 2003