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Paulo Nunes Lisbon, Portugal
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Jun 20 2009
Stort tack!!
(just looked it up hope its the correct way to spell it) - Jun 24 2009
Thanks for the comment Zwopper!!
What do you mean by "below" the connectors, assuming the light is coming from above, the bottom edge of the "entrance" is lightened and not the top..right??..i dont know if i was clear on that, please could you explain a bit more..i would appreciate it very much.

Thanks again!! - Jun 24 2009
Globe icon

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Jun 21 2009
Thanks, enjoy it!! ;) - Jun 21 2009
IT banner

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Jun 21 2009
Thanks alot technoshaun, and yes i had not thought about it that way, it does make a great business card!..:D - Jun 21 2009