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GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd 9 comments

You can just use the 800x600 version. It should work on almost anything now. If you want to make a 1024x768 version (so that it looks sharper), you can replace the picture in the package with a new one, change the screen size parameter in the config file, move the position of the menus if necessary, repack it and youre done :D - Aug 12 2009
Da Vinci

GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd 9 comments

Sorry - I had been quite busy with school lately. I discovered that many people have problems installing this theme. Most of them either have a monitor lower than 1280x800 or has a graphic card/video bios combination that does not support this framebuffer mode, especially the Toshiba laptops with ATi graphic. Sorry! I will try to come up with a lower resolution version that might be able to address this, also add support for netbooks. Watch this space! - Apr 11 2009
Da Vinci

GFXBoot by jimreynold2nd 9 comments

To extract grubthatworks.tar.gz to /boot/ you can use:
sudo tar zxvf grubthatworks.tar.gz -C /boot/
Gluck! - Dec 31 2008

Wallpaper Other by aktarus 8 comments

This sure pwnz the tiny and expensive wallpapers on webshot :P
And the snow fits the taskbar very well. - Dec 26 2008
KDE 4 gfxboot theme

GFXBoot by grzeSS 14 comments

I think the "message" files are just cpio packages, not compiled binaries.

You can unpack the package to the current directory by doing
cpio -i < /path/to/message.file
- Nov 27 2008
simple weather forecast

Plasma 4 Extensions by biophysics 204 comments

I think he meant the ability to use some IP tracking service to find where the computer is. - Nov 19 2008
Hyper Video Converter

Video Converters
by almatic

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