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Plasma 4 Extensions 80 comments

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Mar 30 2011
Thanks. But it was really not hard. I think the difference to the default version is just one line. - Mar 08 2012
Well, actually there are really good alternatives that make this widget obsolete.
There is IconTask available for KDE 4.7.
And in KDE 4.8 this Icon-only alternative to the taskbar is already integrated.

So it really makes sense to switch. This modification made sense in prior KDE times but not anymore - Mar 07 2012
Yes - as soon KDE 4.7 ist shipped in Fedora 15. Or Fedora 16 comes out. Whatever is first. - Aug 31 2011
Well - the best way would be to take the tasks applet from KDE 4.7 and applying the patch on it. Currently I have no KDE 4.7 development environment available, so I cannot do it myself at the moment. - Aug 05 2011
Again and again - you have to install the KDE header (often called development) packages. - May 01 2011
The option is there - at least in the current version. - Apr 23 2011
It's under "windows and processes" (or similar, I have just its German name and translated it) - Apr 19 2011
After you have restarted plasma (!) you should find it as "Flexible Task Manager" - Apr 19 2011
Yeah - the problem is that your KDE headers are either missing or messed up. I cannot support foreign systems. - Apr 14 2011
Done - Apr 10 2011
You are probably missing the KDE development packages. They must be installed. - Mar 31 2011
That's completly dependant on the distribution. They are often called development packages. - Mar 31 2011
You probably need to install the KDE header files. - Mar 30 2011
Delete CMakeCache.txt. Fixed in new package. - Mar 30 2011
Yes, I mixed up the files. Corrected. - Mar 30 2011
Done - finally. - Mar 30 2011
I'm listening and will see as soon as I have time. :) - Dec 01 2010
You may have to restart plasma - or it is just called the same way as the normal tasks applet. It just has the version number 0.1 instead of 1.0. - Sep 02 2010
Haven't understood all of the code yet. But the actual drawing code is in the abstractitem, so you have to look there. - Aug 27 2010

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Feb 14 2010
just tried Glassified with the KDE 4.4 Beta - and it has some problems. For example it crashs plasma when being selected or unselected. But that I consider a plasma problem.

However, in the new widget chooser in the quicksearch line edit the text color is wrong. I cannot see what has been typed.
The other widgets are doing it right, so I suspect that Glassified is defining a new text color wrong. Can you fix that? - Dec 22 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 87 comments

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Aug 08 2010
Difficult thing. Hope that a developer with a non-english keyboard layout can do something about it. I know only english layouts. - Nov 20 2009
Have many thanks for your feedback! The more the better plasmaboard can get.

Indeed, plasmaboard will be part of KDE 4.4's kdeplasma-addons package. So it is not fully integrated into KDE yet. But maybe we can move it on in KDE 4.5. (btw, got the impression, that some KDE devs don't like plasma for doing important things - very strange)
So, no chance for getting this into the lock screen for 4.4

Answering your points:
1) I will take back with the KDE devs for that. Currently plasmaboard is a Popup-Applet. And they are not meant for floating on the desktop. Currently there is no option I know to have a plasmoid above your windows. Although I can think of many usecases for that...

2) I see. Will change that.

3) You are right. I will make the keys keeping a pressed state

4) Ah, not much chance. Cannot do much about it. I use the same functions of xorg for creating faked key events as every other keyboard. If they don't work, I don't know a solution.
But I'll look into this. Focus is one of the biggest problems I have with plasmaboard - Nov 18 2009
Thanks for reporting! 0.9 is perfectly compatible with KDE 4.3.2 - you just won't have much luck with KDE 4.2

Ich messed up the cmake file and reverted that. Try version 0.91 - Nov 03 2009
Okay, added it in KDE 4.4 trunk - Oct 14 2009
Sorry, I repaired that. Still not having upgraded to KDE 4.3? ;) - Sep 23 2009
The name change came with the integration of plasmaboard in kdeplasma-addons. This name is better.

I don't know why you do not see an icon. Probably your icon-theme does have an icon for kcharselect. I'm waiting for my own icon from the oxygen team. - Aug 17 2009
Sorry, cannot reproduce. It works in example with the latest kdelibs-4.2.4 package in Fedora. And I have it working on kubuntu karmic with kde 4.3.

- Aug 13 2009
Tested with current svn code and it worked well - Jul 23 2009
Damn it. Does this happen in Firefox only? - Jun 16 2009
See my README above. This is acutally fixed. But the patch did not get into KDE 4.2.4 . Hope to get some patched 4.2.4 packages soon.
It is fixed in KDE 4.3 Beta2

The aspect ratio ist not fixed. I can resize plasmaboard freely. - Jun 12 2009

I worked out the problem with the KDE developers. I made a patch for KDE and comitted it. The bad thing is, that this will not come to KDE 4.2.4 . At least not in the vanilla one, I beg package maintainers to add the patch to their kdelibs packages. Depending on your distro, you may be lucky.
The bugfix will definetly be included in KDE 4.3.

I have to release a new version of plasmaboard, too. So expect version 0.5.2 soon. It will fix the focus bug but only together with a recent kde package that includes my patch. - Jun 02 2009
Sometimes when this is integrated in the KDE-suite, perhaps :) - May 31 2009
I'm aware of this issue. The Plasma-Widget I use suddently changed behaviour so that the focus is lost. This happens on some distributions, on Ubuntu it works for example. But probably that will change.

The KDE-developers want the "steal focus" behaviour, so I need to find my own way for the popup. Not so easy. But I'll work on this. - May 27 2009
I'll think of that. - May 27 2009
Don't put Plasmaboard on your desktop! It gets focus when you click on it there. That means it will send the clicked keys to itself. That is useless, you need the keys in the last used window.

Put Plasmaboard in the panel and use it from there. - May 21 2009
Possible it is. But probably not better. There are probably special keys in other layouts that I will always miss. So that solution will work only for some keyboards.

If that is acceptable it would be probably better to uppercase just the letter-keys of the english layout. That would work for some layouts at least. - Apr 22 2009
I fear I cannot fix 3) properly. I found no way to find out which keys should be shifted when Capslock is pressend and which not.
Because of all the different layouts I need the information from the X-Server. But as I said, there seems to be no way.

I can leave the behaviour as it is or I do not shift anything when caps is pressed.
What's better? - Apr 19 2009
Yes. Use the conext menu of the icon and switch to "basic mode" - Apr 18 2009
That would require plasmafying the lock-screen. I cannot do that, but perhaps it can be done as part of the "KDE on MID" project. Perhaps you post the request on KDE-Brainstorm? - Apr 15 2009
So, now my feedback to the feedback ;)

1) is fixed in 0.4.2
2) Will be done when I update the extended keyboard layout
3) Indeed the labels only on keys with normal letters should be set to upper case. Will have to look for a good solution
4) I think it should be doable to clear all pressed keys when the keyboard is closed
5) Will try to fix
6) I will adress that together with point 2. Couldn't think that the numpad could be useful on a touchscreen until now. I'll put it in the extended layout.
7) That's probably the hardest bug. Two reasons. First: I cannot reproduce it.
Second: Even if I could it's probably a problem with Qt-Eventmanagment and that is hard to fix for me. - Apr 14 2009
thanks for the feedback. I will answer and/or implement as soon as I have time. - Apr 14 2009
Well, I found no other solution than my ugly hack. Revising did not help me. So I hoped for some help for others and now I it. I'll release the fixed version as soon as possible.

Thanks! - Apr 14 2009
On the other hand, this happens as soon as I include <QAction>. If I don't do that, no error.
Moreove it seems only to happen on Fedora. I use Fedora, too. But others obviously were able to compile the stuff without this error. - Apr 14 2009
Well, that's a strange error with Qt. I have no other solution than to comment out lines 83 to 92 in your /usr/include/qt4/QtGui/qcursor.h
- Apr 12 2009
Well, thanks for reporting. You can expect the next version with a fix and new features until monday. - Apr 08 2009
If you choose dvorak in the kde keyboard configuration, plasmaboard will display a dvorak keyboard layout.

So: Yes, they are. - Apr 04 2009
Great to see. Please make sure that you have version 0.1.1 in there, as 0.1 was not working.
I have plasmaboard in KDE-playground, just in case that's a better source for you than kde-look. - Mar 31 2009
Just forgot:
The keyboard can be transparent, but that depends on your plasma theme. Moreover you must have desktop effects enabled. So, if you use "Glassified" as your theme, you should see the window below it.
I have composite disabled in the screenshot. - Mar 31 2009
Thanks for the compliment.
The keyboard is made to be scaleable. At the moment it can only be scaled horizontally, not vertically. That is a limitation of the underlying Plasma::Extender Widget. That may vanish in KDE 4.3, at least I will talk back with the kde developers about that.

Maybe I simply switch away from Extender. It's great to be able to drop the keyboard on desktop, but the keyboard is useless there because it get's the focus when being clicked. Probably nothing can be done about that. - Mar 30 2009
Well, don't really care. I changed to GPL as this seems to be common for plasmoids - Mar 29 2009
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