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Oleg Liatte

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Okay, so may be consider the possibility to run another instance of yakuake in non-drop-down mode with the splitting functionality. Probably it will be easier.

If I find free time I will try to implement it by myself and provide a patch for you. - May 24 2012

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

First of all thank you very much for so great app!

I found split function very convenient in some cases. But sometimes this function could be more useful in separate regular window which can be resized, moved, maximized and so on.

So idea is to allow to run a separate instance of yakuake (may be with special argument) in a regular window (separately from "main" drop-down instance).

As alternative some kind of "detach session" function could be implemented: selected tab with whole session (with number of splitted terminals inside) can be detached from a set of session tabs to a separate window. "reattach" counter-function would provide ultimate functionality!

Actually this functionality seems to be more related to konsole but if its implementation is relatively cheap then why not to implement it in yakuake? :-) - May 23 2012

System Software
by Sho

9   May 24 2012